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“Do one thing everyday that scares you.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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October 20, 1957 - NYC Mayor Robert Wagner's Coney Island Campaign Stop

On October 20, 1957, incumbent New York City mayoral candidate Robert F. Wagner, Jr. stopped for a classic Coney Island treat – a All-American hot dog.  298 more words


Autumn Along The Hudson

Hudson River Photo by Jim Robertson

Autumn Along the Hudson

Come out of town with me
And see what is always there to see
Mountains covered with trees… 311 more words

Baby Boomer

Whatzit 23

Anyone know the story here?  It’s a state boat, though not in NYS Canal Corp colors.


So, I'm nowhere near done with lateral thinking

Now, I don’t want to brag? But I bargain hunt, y’all. Double coupons, discount codes, extensive online searches — I can squeeze a dime so hard Eleanor Roosevelt returns from the dead to smack me for roughing up her husband. 313 more words

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt goes down in history as one of the world’s classiest ladies, but she was also a thoughtful and compassionate humanitarian. She was impressive for being remarkable outspoken in a time when women supporting their husbands were meant to be demure and radiate perfection, and she both campaigned on her husband’s behalf and openly admitted when she disagreed with his policies. 315 more words

Women's Rights