Are Digital Textbooks Worth It?

Will digital textbooks replace printed texts, or just the latest fad in education?


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Educational Technologies

eLearning design?

But I hear some educational scientists asking “what about the design?”. Yes, this is the most common discussion of eLearning in the literature. To fit eLearning into a current educational context, one should define what, why, how questions. 476 more words


Why to use eLearning?

eLearning is applicable to every context. However, it is mostly suitable for learners who have moderate knowledge levels about the subject matter content and who are adult learners that can self-motivate themselves and self- organize their learning activities about what they want to learn. 219 more words


What is eLearning?

eLearning is the use of any innovative digital technology in teaching and learning activities which gives flexibility and mobility to the instructors and students. It is more a student-centered learning environment where the students stand in the middle of each teaching and learning activity. 188 more words


New Year's Resolution: Learn a Language

Every new year, I try to make a few resolutions and goals to improve myself in some way. This year, I am going to learn to sew, create (and maintain) a budget focused on saving, spend more time with friends and family, learn Japanese, and read at least 55 books. 347 more words

Online Resources

Invitation to join eLearning professionals network of Turkey!

Announcement from eLearning Professionals Network of Turkey

eLearning Professionals Network of Turkey is online now and waiting for your valuable contributions and collaborations. This is an online community network for eLearning professionals of Turkey to enhance communication between eLearning professionals and experts in diverse parties operating in Turkey. 47 more words


New Handbook: Entrepreneurship & ICT for Girls

The EU funded project ICT-go-girls published a new Handbook for schools:  “Promoting Entrepreneurship through ICT for Girls”​. It is a practical 40 pages manual for schools, teachers, educational administrations, which summarizes the project’s findings and recommendations fro motivating girls to work and lead in the ICT field, by starting inspiring measures early in secondary school. 211 more words

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