The Design Phase - ADDIE

The design phase is where you create learning objectives (LOs) and an instructional sequence. You will also want to consider how the course will look, what types of elements or interactivity will be involved, and so forth. 583 more words

Instructional Design

The Analyze Phase- ADDIE

So, I have a topic for my first lesson and a technical document. How do I determine what they need to learn?

The way you approach this depends on your specific situation and project.

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Help! I've gotten my first ISD job!

So you’ve gotten your first job as an ISD, and you are completely lost. What do you do?

Now, I may not be an expert by any means, and I haven’t worked in every type of situation, but I…

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Instructional Design

And I'm back...

It was crazy to see it’d been a year since I last posted. Didn’t feel that much time had passed and at the same time it feels longer. 198 more words

Connect With Online Students - Make Feedback Personal

One of the challenges for any online instructor is making students feel a sense of community or connectedness in their online course.  There are multiple strategies that can be put into place to meet this challenge head-on.  610 more words


Latest issue of MmIT journal now online

The August 2014 issue of our journal is now available to subscribers through the MmIT Journal Current Issues page on our CILIP website. You will need to log in to access this content. 109 more words