Summary of #GCUGamesOn Evalution Findings

As promised this post shares the summary findings from our recent online event, GCU Games On. As I’ve written about before we developed this… 592 more words

Open Education

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This is a reblog of a post by the lovely Sheila Mc from her blog howsheilaseesIT which outlines a brief summary of her findings following the #GCUGamesOn Online Experience. I took part in this and enjoyed it very much and I am VERY proud to say I got all three medals ... interesting stuff :)

LIVE: Twitterview with Arthur Goldstuck

On Friday, 12 September 2014 I conducted a twitterview with the founder of World Wide Worx, author of several books and journalist for Gadget Magazine, Arthur Goldstuck. 420 more words


And eLearning We Will Go

Building the skills needed for the knowledge economy has been the priority for many organisations in recent years. Both locally and abroad, companies are looking at ways to improve the expertise of their employees but also find fresh, young talent that can grow as technology evolves. 606 more words


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HUH?!

For the past couple of weeks I have decided to jump into learning how to program. I realize that as an owner of my own company, it is important to make sure that I can do many different things and wear many different hats. 539 more words


Embracing eLearning for a Better Future

According to the recently published eLearning Africa Report 2014, proponents of eLearning are confident that the combination of a growing economy, increased access to the internet, and a growing content sector will see eLearning gain significant momentum on the continent. 354 more words


what is elearning

Have’nt posted for a long time…..but no apologies….With all the things going on, it becomes difficult to juggle all the roles life asks you to play. 174 more words


Create Not Just Interactive But Engaging eBooks

Up until the mobile revolution particularly smartphones and tablets, most of the books were converted as ebook for passive reading. They hardly had any interactive elements or multimedia. 307 more words