5 Ways Managers Can Encourage Staff To Do Professional Development Online

How To Encourage Informal Professional Development At Work

In my previous blog post, I wrote about how workers and job seekers likely undervalue the benefits of free online learning… 909 more words


Help your Students be Reflective with Journals

Merriam Webster defines a journal as:

a book in which you write down your personal experiences and thoughts

Putting down those thoughts and experiences that impact us can be an important tool in personal growth and development. 348 more words


Four Forms of Innovation

The word Innovation is one that is tossed around so much that it’s lost much of its impact. In some ways it’s like “awesome,” isn’t it? 798 more words

Education And ELearning

Using a mobile application to create better storyboards

In this video, I will show you how I use a mobile application to create better storyboards and to avoid some problems I encounter when writing storyboards in Word. 20 more words


Online Professional Development Opportunities: Undervalued?

Recognizing The Benefits Of Free Online Learning

Here’s a question worth pondering: As demand for individuals with hybridized skill sets and specialized knowledge increases, are people changing the way they perceive and pursue opportunities for… 474 more words


Learning Design: The Great, The Good and The Good Enough

This could be a story about buggy whips. You might know the classic management tale of the craftsman who was proud of building the most handsome and useful whips to spur on carriage horses at the turn of the last century. 967 more words


Structured Integration vs. Cost Savings

How many times do you see “cost saving” being touted as a reason for increased use of educational technology, and most especially distance education? Time and again you will see the adoption of new technology being explained away as cost savings. 1,063 more words

Education And ELearning