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Will Obama continue to have 'flexibility'?

Do you remember this? Before the 2012 election,   in Seoul, Korea: President Obama talked  with Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev. After the president completed his talks with Medvedev, Obama leaned forward and his voice was picked up by media. 112 more words

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A Note of Thanks to Our Sarah Palin

I am not threatened by strong, confident and beautiful, yet loving women like Sarah Palin, thanks to an equally confident, strong, beautiful and good woman who I admire in my personal life..

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That Tuesday,  11-06-12,   gave us . . . .

A very important woman.

“Mich.-the-first-spouse-who-lives-in-our-wh-it*e-ho*use” has commanded that children be fed according to her image of what a good lunch should be. 293 more words

2012 America


American Thinker reports that Obama voters seem to be in the first stage of grief—denial. According to polls conducted by USA Today, fewer voters in five of six states with toss up senate races say they voted for the President that actually did. 74 more words



Sometimes the news about America is so bad,  so dismaying,  so awful,  that I want to say “That’s not us!    We aren’t doing this!  We are a captive nation!”   I wonder when things are going to… 432 more words

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