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6 Ways to Earn my Vote . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

The phone rang for the sixth time that evening. “Your turn,” my husband said.

Sighing, I extricated myself from the love seat where Greg and I sat watching TV, and picked up the phone. 697 more words

Doing Life Together

LaPointe's NPA brings in heavy gun Erin Airton Chutter to help messaging

After a couple of polls that seem to show Non-Partisan Association’s Kirk LaPointe may not be getting the traction with voters that he hopes for, I started receiving rumours suggesting there was a shakeup in the party. 697 more words


Winning elections on the desktop: How the experts zero in on target voters

With two weeks to go before election day last spring, public opinion polls across Quebec offered uncertain projections of who would form the next provincial government. 2,794 more words


Parties mining for votes in mountains of tweets

A little-known branch of computer science could give political parties an edge in the next federal election by helping form strategy based on the millions of messages Canadians post on Twitter and Facebook each day. 866 more words


The Big Data Election: Political parties building detailed voter records

With a year to go before Canadians return to the polls, the federal Liberals and New Democrats are building enormous voter-tracking databases in an attempt to cut into the Conservatives’ longstanding electoral advantage identifying and getting out their vote. 1,383 more words


Why do we believe Vancouver elections only start just before they end?

I don’t know about you, but I like to think that civic elections, particularly those involving hyper-political Vancouver, should comprise more than the last three weeks before Election Day. 736 more words


Can millionaires buy their way into Parliament? Lessons from the recent New Zealand election

Two millionaires, one on the left and one on the right, set up parties to get into Parliament in the recent New Zealand election. The millionaire of the left failed abysmally. 1,078 more words

Applied Price Theory