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Reason for UKIP's success?

Reason for Ukip's success? @NickCohen4 on identity politics back in mid-00s pic.twitter.com/N0PxOrZzEo

— David Mentiply (@david_mentiply) November 21, 2014

Classical Liberalism

Harassment scandal may put women's issues on election agenda

The debate over the handling of harassment complaints among MPs on Parliament Hill may put women’s issue on the agenda for the upcoming election campaign in a way not seen in 30 years. 746 more words


Court to sentence Sona Wednesday over robocalls case

Former Conservative campaign worker Michael Sona will learn Wednesday whether he’ll go to jail for his role in the 2011 robocalls scheme.

Sona, 26, was found guilty in August of participating in the calls made to more than 7,000 voters in Guelph, sending them to the wrong polling locations on election day. 535 more words


MacDougall: To beat Harper, will the opposition have to be Harper?

Chances are you didn’t hear or read about the silly thing Justin Trudeau said about Iraq last week. Them’s the breaks; sometimes you’re lucky enough to gaffe in front of a small audience in rural Alberta. 830 more words


Why does the Left oppose higher petrol prices?

#auspol Shorten outraged about 10 CENTS!!! per week fuel excise, but voted for $550 per year Carbon Tax pic.twitter.com/N7N5aNzxPf

— We Aren't Drowning (@uRntUs) November 14, 2014

Environmental Economics

Why is Mayor Gregor sorry?

With the latest Insights West poll showing the gap between Mayor Gregor Robertson and Non-Partisan Association mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe has closed to just five points, it wasn’t surprising to see Robertson make… 750 more words


Coyne: Mandatory voting won't fix everything, but it's a good start

This is adapted from my opening statement in a debate with the political scientist Don Lenihan, held Monday night at the University of Ottawa.

This is not a cure-all. 1,043 more words