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Lookie here! Some honest-to-goodness voter fraud!

Why, it’s 200 votes’ worth! See! All those restrictions on voting that all the GOP legislatures have enacted are there for a reason! We’re trying to prevent… 17 more words

Aiee! Teh Stoopid! It Burns!

"The Election" (New Jersey, 1788)

Zealous Patriots, heading rabbles,
Orators promoting squabbles;
Free Electors always swilling,
Candidates not worth a shilling;
Butchers, Farmers and Car Men,
Half Pay Officers and Chairmen;

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Sen. John Walsh Plagiarized His Homework

Which is Democrat, for Made an “unintentional mistake”… Exacerbated by PTSD, and stuff…


HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Sen. John Walsh of Montana said Wednesday his failure to attribute conclusions and verbatim passages lifted from other scholars’ work in his thesis to earn a master’s degree from the U.S. 559 more words


Paul Grad for Oregon Governor: Insuring Accurate Election Counts

One of the lessons Thomas Jefferson learned from the French philosopher, Montesquieu, was the importance of accurate election counts. Many an early republic floundered because of inaccurate election counts, and shoddy record keeping. 383 more words

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