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Police Investigating Alleged Vote Fraud In Glasgow

“The Corporation” addresses electoral fraud in the Scottish Independence Referendum. Hmm . . . -LW

Officials in Glasgow are investigating ten suspected cases of electoral fraud following the historic Scottish independence referendum on Thursday. 303 more words

What's Happening In Politics

Summary: 2004-2012 Election Forecast; 1968-2012 True Vote Model

Summary: 2004-2012 Election Forecast; 1968-2012 True Vote Model

Richard Charnin
Sept. 14, 2014

1988-2008 State and National Presidential True Vote Model https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjAk1JUWDMyRdGN3WEZNTUFaR0tfOHVXTzA1VGRsdHc#gid=0

1968-2012 National Presidential True Vote Model… 384 more words

Election Fraud

#AlFranken Could Lose in MN…

Maybe not as many Democrats are anxious to stuff ballot boxes in Minnesota, after six years of being screwed out of house and home by Barack Obama and his enablers on the Left. 582 more words

Barry's Kids

Meet 140journos, the Twitter group trying to prove election fraud in Turkey | GlobalPost

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Spread around a tiny living room in an Istanbul flat are laptops, cell phones, projectors, and almost three dozen social media activists. This group, which spent all day monitoring Turkey’s contested local elections on March 30, re-assembled in a matter of hours after the governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) declared its victory in the early morning of March 31. 1,270 more words


Lookie here! Some honest-to-goodness voter fraud!

Why, it’s 200 votes’ worth! See! All those restrictions on voting that all the GOP legislatures have enacted are there for a reason! We’re trying to prevent… 17 more words

Aiee! Teh Stoopid! It Burns!

"The Election" (New Jersey, 1788)

Zealous Patriots, heading rabbles,
Orators promoting squabbles;
Free Electors always swilling,
Candidates not worth a shilling;
Butchers, Farmers and Car Men,
Half Pay Officers and Chairmen;

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