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Strengths and Weaknesses of Instant-Runoff Voting

I had some more thoughts on instant-runoff voting (IRV). Specifically I want to talk about some of the implications of it.

IRV makes tactical voting extremely difficult. 1,054 more words


Get Out The Vote #GrowTheVote

Voting is such an essential role in shaping the country in which we live.

Rock The Vote

I’ve registered with Rock The Vote to offer an easy way to… 409 more words


Hong Kong is attacking the protest movement's biggest weakness—its fragmented leadership

HONG KONG—So far in the Hong Kong protests, the territory’s chief executive, CY Leung, has seemed inept at best. But in his press conference just a half hour before the deadline student leaders gave him to resign, he somehow found his inner Machiavelli. 1,016 more words

The NBC10 Wingmen Poorly Explain Instant-runoff Voting

So, Bill Rappeleye, Bob Plain, and Justin Katz have a discussion about about instant-runoff voting (IRV) and none of them can explain it right. 882 more words


New Brunswick Election

The Dual Electoral System is inspired from the House of Commons where you have a Leader representing the majority of the House and a Leader representing the largest minority of the House. 713 more words


Amending the Constitution to ensure free and fair elections

A U.S. Senate vote is scheduled next month on a proposed Constitutional amendment to empower Congress to enact reasonable campaign finance legislation. The movement to amend the Constitution is a response to recent Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United and McCutcheon, which overturned campaign finance laws on constitutional grounds, and is seen by many as the best chance to promote clean elections that aren’t dominated by a few wealthy oligarchs. 886 more words

Election-Related Commitments