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Why You Should Focus On Election Reforms That Make A Difference

Pew Research released a poll surveying Americans’ feelings about the 2014 midterms, and down at the bottom were the responses from those who didn’t vote.  956 more words


Do Dems want advice? Doubt it.

In the commentary following the Dems’ expected mid-term drubbing, I’m getting echos of childhood and not-so-childhood.  Let’s see if you can follow me here.

We’ve all known that kid. 1,247 more words


Not free, not fair: The folly of ‘finding meaning’ in the 2014 midterms

As the dust settles from the Democrats’ midterm shellacking – with the GOP last week picking up three governorships, 12 House seats and seven Senate seats, gaining control of that chamber for the first time since 2006 – pundits continue to debate the root cause of the Democrats’ failure, searching for the elusive “meaning” of this so-called “Republican wave.” 1,932 more words

Political Strategy

U.S. midterms fall short of international standards for democratic elections

With the “truly staggering” role of money in campaigns “overshadowing the real issues at stake in the elections,” Tuesday’s midterm elections in the United States failed to meet a number of important international commitments, election observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe… 1,535 more words

Election-Related Commitments

Election Reform

Rich’s ideas for reforming the election system in the United States, some whimsical, some impractical, some deadly serious.

1. National elections will be spread over two days and every employee in America will receive one shift off during one of those days as a paid holiday. 440 more words


Three reforms the US needs in order to become a REAL "democracy in a republic"

1) Proportional, representative democracy– Good bye to the 2 party monopoly. We need a system that allows everyone’s vote to count. We need a system that allows for and encourages “third party” candidates a real chance at representation. 342 more words

Day -11 - Peddling Influence

by Mike Andruff

Polls are suggesting that it will be another Vision dominant council in Vancouver. For those thirsting for change in our civic governance, this is an unsettling prospect. 225 more words