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Journey #16: Common Descent, Death, Waste, and Election

Some background before I paste another journal entry from the end of February.

When it comes to the doctrine of salvation, there are two main camps in Christian theology: Calvinists and Arminians. 1,045 more words


Councillors consider legal action against accusations

Ottawa councillors are calling for legal action after a presumed former municipal council candidate made an online post accusing a “blacklist” of seven council members of corruption and stealing “millions from taxpayers.” 632 more words


New Zealand Election TV ads

here’s the first Nationals TV ad for the 2014 NZ election

and here’s the first NZ Labour TV ad for the 2014 NZ election

More to come…

Campaign Techniques

There Are Ferguson's All Over The Country, Just Waiting To Ignite. Here's Why. I'd love to say "There's no question that the justice system treats African Americans differently" but I can't. People question it all the time. Question answered. - Phoebe Gavin Published on Aug 19, 2014

The shooting of Michael Brown offers Americans yet another reminder that their criminal justice system is riddled with racial disparities. From encounters with police to prison sentences, Ferguson is another drop in a very full bucket.


The midterms are here! The midterms are here! - By Raoul Lowery Contreras, contributor August 20, 2014, 07:30 am

Dozens of millions of Americans wait breathlessly every spring for Opening Day of Major League Baseball; possibly dozens of millions more thirst for the kickoff of the National Football League (NFL) in September. 803 more words


Robocall conspiracy fall guy revealed

Pierre Poutine

A fall guy has been found guilty of mis-leading voters in the last federal election. 316 more words

It's About Educating Our Children

I’ve been ask what I stand for. It’s pretty simple.

My only priority is children, all children living in our city, regardless of socioeconomic status, learning ability, ethnicity, race, gender, orientation or religion. 121 more words

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