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Letter Two By Mrs. Marjorie Bond

1505 Scotland Street
Calgary, Alberta
November 6, 1959

Dear Dr. Cole:

Do you think you can stand another letter from me? I shall try not to be so verbose this time! 2,656 more words


Candidates Forum in Princeton

Report on the All Candidates Forum in Princeton held October 29. Reprinted from The New Coalmont Courier.

The meeting started with the usual self introductions of the candidates. 1,106 more words


ROSEMARY'S EXPLORATION: Start with ‘We Are All One’

You’ve heard that ‘seeing is believing,’ right? The truth is that ‘believing is seeing.’

What you believe becomes the lens through which you view everything. 608 more words

Guidance For Conscious Living

John J. Pavao for mayor, 1928.


Mayoral Candidate for the County
of Honolulu


There are three of us running as Republicans. One of us is attached to sugar, and the sugar owners will ever more be his boss; another of us is in a higher class than us, and those of that class will be his boss should he win; as for me, I am of your class, and all of you will forever be my boss; and so who will you choose this coming October 6th? 157 more words


Be Voting!

Election time is in the air.

Signs flutter from the middle of people’s lawns.

Debates begin.


I’m trying to grab the names that matter. 221 more words


Casting My Vote

Here are some of the people I’m casting my vote for this November.

Sean Haugh for US Senate for NC

Why would we vote for an amendment that waives the right to trial by jury, which is PROTECTED by the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION??? 2,004 more words

It's time to discuss 'equity' instead of 'accountability'

There’s no word that a political candidate could utter in regards to education that causes me to turn into a raving lunatic faster than “accountability.” 535 more words