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Is there any woman that does not believe that she deserves a paycheck equivalent to that of her male counterpart?  Paycheck inequity is not a new issue, in fact even fifty years after the passage of the 1963 Equal Pay Act women continue to earn an average of 77.5 cents per dollar that a male with an equal skill set and qualifications earns.  428 more words


Electoral Indifference

I am not sure if the generation of my mom and dad was as polarized as we are at this age. Were they as filled as we are with the juices of 20s – as spellbound as we are by the magic of youth? 589 more words

Re-Election in India because of Retrograde Saturn & Mars?

The Election in India has begun when the causative planet depicting democracy viz., Saturn is retrograde and the planet of energy, drive and aggression viz.,  Mars too is retrograde. 682 more words

Election Preview: Montana

The path to a Republican majority in the US Senate runs straight through Big Sky Country and the GOP is determined flip this seat from blue to red. 307 more words


Some Democrats upset as Barack Obama punts a decision on the Keystone Pipeline until after the 2014 election

  Back when the Keystone Pipeline was first in the news Barack Obama decided to delay a decision on this issue until after the 2012 election and he had the perfect cover to do so; he wanted to wait until an environmental impact study was completed before he made a decision. 527 more words


post election day

See my clean hand with no remaining purple stain on my little finger? Yes, I am not trying to show that my fingers are still free from any commitment ring or even attempting to point a middle finger gesture to you all guys. 860 more words