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Thailand’s Constitution: An Empty Text

A constitution is a blank platform to be filled by political, economic, and social ideologies. Then it becomes alive, turning into the guiding star under which the whole nation sails. 585 more words


#ThaiCoup: Editorial : Junta’s Charter Paints Grim Future for Thai Democracy

Editorial: Junta’s Charter Paints Grim Future for Thai Democracy
The junta’s 2014 Interim Constitution is robbing Thai people of their political voices.

Two months after staging a coup d’etat, Thailand’s military junta unveiled a temporary constitution outlining the formation of an interim government that is expected to administer the country until the end of the next year. 500 more words


Can #Thailand save its democracy?

DEMOCRACY’S VITAL signs are fading fast in Thailand, three months after its 12th coup d’etat.

Hundreds of academics, politicians and pro-democracy activists have been arrested and temporarily detained since May, as the junta attempts to silence all opposition. 478 more words


Why I can no longer vote for Republicans

I’ve voted for Republicans in the past, mostly in local elections. I’ve voted for Republican judges and Republican Clerks of Court and so on, partially because I knew the people personally and partially because in elections like that, ideology doesn’t really matter. 398 more words



Not sure if this is a complete rendition – see link at end for complete text

Translation of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand (Interim), B.E. 7,480 more words


Le pouvoir nominal des groupes politiques après les Européennes

Du lendemain des élections au 24 juin ont eu lieu les négociations pour la constitution des groupes politiques. Au lendemain des élections européennes de mai, 60 nouveaux parlementaires appartenant à des partis nationaux non affiliés à un groupe européen ont dû se répartir au gré des négociations (cf. 622 more words