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An Early Look at the 2016 Senate Landscape

Since everyone is already talking about 2016, I thought I would beat most to the punch and get the ball rolling on rating the Senate seats up in 2016. 2,886 more words

Senate Races

Obama’s executive action to save California’s immigrants

Tired of waiting for congress to fix the countries broken immigration system, last Thursday President Barack Obama took executive action, announcing a new immigration policy set to have significant impact on the state of California. 773 more words


Thousands vote in state assembly elections in Indian Kashmir despite call for boycott

SRINAGAR, India – Thousands of Kashmiris cast votes in state elections Tuesday despite a boycott call by Muslim separatist groups that reject India’s sovereignty over the disputed Himalayan region. 263 more words


The Hidden Dangers of Anticorruption Education Initiatives

A little while ago, in a post reflecting on the role of academics in the anticorruption movement, I noted the distinction between anticorruption classes that focus on “teaching of skills” (helping students become effective lawyers, policy analysts, critical thinkers, etc.) and “teaching of values” (using education to inculcate anticorruption norms and reduce cultural tolerance for corrupt activities). 1,161 more words


Short-Lived and Premature Celebration

Charles Evans Hughes went to bed on election night, 1916, thinking he had just won the presidency of the United States. During the night it became evident that California’s votes were going to go to President Woodrow Wilson, awarding him re-election, instead. 50 more words


#flashback: Invisible People

I wrote this January 2012. It was meant to be a chapter in my first book, Becoming, but ended on the cutting room floor. I found it an interesting look into my mindset at the time. 1,438 more words