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One for OU campaigns for student education, involvement

Editor’s Note: This article is the third in a three-part series that compares the student tickets running for Ohio University’s Student Senate. The presidential candidates of each party will debate each other in a debate sponsored by The New Political and AVW Productions on Thursday, April 3 at 9pm in Studio C of Radio-Television Building. 777 more words

A Sebelius Run in Kansas is Doomed

Rumors have recently swirled that former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius might run for Senate in Kansas.  Republican Senator Pat Roberts, assuming he survives a primary challenge, faces minimal opposition in the general.   471 more words


Newly released e-mails confirm IRS and Justice Department corruption in targeting Obama's political opponents.

Corruption: New emails show that both the IRS and Justice Department were involved in a probe of Tea Party and other conservative groups. This is no mere scandal — it’s a major breach of the law.

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Pic of the Day

Click to enlargeREUTERS/Adnan Abidi

A woman carries her baby as she walks through a wheat field on her way to a polling station to cast her vote in Shabazpur Dor village, in Amroha district in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh April 17, 2014. 85 more words


Lib Dems get tough with Tories by planning to get flipping annoyed about something


The Liberal Democrats have warned their Conservative Party coalition partners that they are planning to get tough with them before the next election by telling them to their faces that they’re really quite annoyed about something. 288 more words


VIDEO: Cliven Bundy standoff video that was banned by Facebook.

I have no idea why Facebook would ban this video other than for political reasons since no violence or hate speech are on display at all in it.   47 more words