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"Psychiatry isn't a real branch of medicine" says Ryan the premed who is hooked on Ritalin

From The Premed Diaries:

An unfortunate fact of being a premed student is that we are required to take electives in the humanities and social sciences.

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Hobby Lobby Time!

Shelby wanted to go out to eat at McDonald’s and walk around Hobby Lobby for a special after-birthday treat…so we did. Big mistake! My inner teacher’s creative juices started flowing immediately in the education aisles. 410 more words


Life in Toronto: Week One

Hello, my darling friends and family (and whoever else is reading)!

I’m currently in Toronto, where I’ll be for the next four weeks, doing my first elective of fourth year. 878 more words

Med School

"What's an Elective?" GEOG 3620 "Intro to Economic Geography: The Geography of Globalization"

Professor Andy Herod is teaching an upper-level geography class on the “geographies of globalization” this fall. Professor Herod explains this course would be a great elective for “anyone who might be looking to pick up a course looking at questions of globalization (what it is, how we think about it etc) and also looking at 19th century imperialism and the 20th century behavior of transnational corporations as two cuts at what we have come to call globalization…” 31 more words

International Affairs

Electives and Commitment

God bless my adorable Shelby. She is such an overachiever. However, she has a tendency to want to start something she thinks will be fun and then give up once the first obstacle hits. 498 more words


Brit students chased down and stabbled, says witness

KUCHING: One of the suspected killers of the two British medical students, who were stabbed to death in Kuching early yesterday morning, said he was enraged after one of the Brits slapped him during a row that broke out between them in an all-night coffeeshop where they had been drinking, police sources said. 614 more words


New School Year: Getting Out to a Good Start

The start of a new school year generally spurs a bit of anxiety to students – especially for those about to enter a new school. Who doesn’t have some butterflies in their stomach the night before classes begin, or when meeting your teacher for the first time? 701 more words