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The Agent's Democracy (or What It Would Take To Get Me To Vote)

Election day is coming up soon. As such, I felt it was time to discuss a topic that most politically minded people will likely judge me for; I don’t vote. 746 more words


US presidential election in detail – Electoral College

Although the next US presidential election is still two years away, let’s explore the actual system how probably the most powerful person on Earth is elected. 2,848 more words

Election Day

Alexander Hamilton's Presidency

The framers of the U.S. Constitution knew what they wanted from the presidency – national leadership, statesmanship in foreign affairs, command in time of war, enforcement of the laws – but they did not have a precise sense of how the office would work in practice. 192 more words


A2: Facebook, the rights of slaves and corporations, and state reform

An eclectic mix in US politics this week, with a selection from the Guardian. First, Facebook. America has a tension between the IT-sharing social media it leads the world in, and rights to free speech and privacy. 583 more words

Republic vs. Democracy, the Role of Government

A nice article on the subject by Rand over at Transterrestrial:

Quantity Versus Quality

No mention whatsoever of popular voting. It would be perfectly constitutional for the electors to be chosen by throwing darts at a phone book, by elimination from a reality show, or a mass tournament of pistols at dawn, as long as the legislature so stipulated. 498 more words