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SVH Super Star: Olivia's Story

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Olivia Davidson is obsessed with painting, and she’s particularly focused on abstract impressionism.  She’s taking classes at the Forester School, and it’s there that she meets devoted artist James Yates.   694 more words

Sweet Valley High

Damaged Goods..handled with caution!

According to Sigmund Freud your parents can totally fuck you up…and real good…

I agree…if you look at any challenge, emotional damage or fucked up way you have to relate to another human being,  the source is always the same: YOUR PARENTS!!! 1,206 more words

Poem: Electric Complex

It’s been a while, and here we are in March without even my first blogged poem of the year, so here it is at last. Written in late 2008, “Electric Complex” (play on words in reference to the Freudian Electra Complex) is more of a story that I made up in my hyperactive imagination rather than anything based on my real life, although I was listening to  238 more words

Rachel Jones