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Vulnerability and Electric Cars, part I

This summer I completed a six week long level 3 Norwegian language class . To my surprise, it was intense! I have to admit that after living in a country for 14 years, I should have taken the class long before I did! 1,073 more words


I watched the Formula E race the other day because I was curious to see what electric car racing would look like. Who am I kidding? 297 more words


The Musk Family Plan for Transforming the World's Energy

It’s all about ending Global Warming.

So buy a Tesla and install a Solar City panel on your house to support an end to Global Warming… 1,061 more words


Modular Battery Exchange and Active Management |

Source: University of California – San Diego

Summary: Rather than swapping out whole batteries, which is cumbersome and requires large, heavy equipment, engineers plan to swap out and recharge smaller units within the battery, known as modules. 81 more words

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Will this battery change everything?

Imagine an electric car that could travel more than 300 miles on a single charge. A pipe dream? Yes, for now. But a Michigan startup called Sakti3 just might make it a reality. 1,220 more words


Electric Car Adoption: Not Why You Think

As part of my unintentional barrage of auto-related blog posts during our autumnal new car season in the United States, I’ve written about both the… 1,175 more words


Do Electric Cars have to be UGLY!

It’s quite clear, most of the current electric cars are pretty damn … Unique!  

Electric cars once caught on will change the motoring world one way or another; for better or worse depends on whether your weekends are spent around your car with an oily rag and spanner, or in the garden hanging the newest in contemporary bee boxes. 452 more words

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