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Which state has the best electric-car savings? (Hint: It's not California)

Saving money on the energy used for every mile traveled is one of the most attractive aspects of electric cars.

Yet varying incentives and other factors mean the savings can vary significantly by state. 269 more words


Kandi launching EV vending machines in Shanghai

China’s Kandi Technologies (KT) has revealed plans to launch its electric car sharing scheme in Shanghai. The company aims to launch a pilot project in Jinshan District and has ambitious plans to roll-out 3,000-5,000 of its electric vehicles (EV) across Shanghai by the end of 2014. 103 more words

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Plug N Play Driving

I’ve been an F1 fan for twenty years and I’ve watched the ultra high-tech components make their way onto the manufacturers’ lines. The introduction of KERS (Kenetic Energy Recovery System) into F1 eventually spawned the various types of hybrid vehicles we see today. 383 more words

Electric Cars

The first really practical automobiles that were gasoline-powered were built on 1885. Since then more advance and unique models have been invented. Before the automobile was invented the main way of transportation was by horse or carriage. 380 more words


Mercedes exec says Tesla lacks the 'complete luxury experience'

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is a popular saying, but perhaps “don’t criticize the company you’re sharing technology with” should be another.

The latter would apply to Mercedes-Benz, whose U.S. 336 more words


Little Known On-Campus Electronic Car Charging Spaces

Miami University’s Marcum Center parking lot on East Quad has a little known secret: it is home to two electric car chargers, the only two of their kind in Oxford. 514 more words


Concept of the Day: MG Dynamo

Meet the e-Metro.  The MG team at Longbridge (now under ownership of China’s SAIC) has created an electric city car concept – called Dynamo – on display at the SMMT this week. 751 more words