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Daimler and BYD unveil DENZA electric vehicle

DENZA – a joint venture between German and Chinese carmakers Daimler and BYD - plans to sell its first electric car in China for CNY369,000 ($59,200). 103 more words

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After Alan Mulally leaves, don't look for a sudden Ford rush into electrics

As CEO, Alan Mulally lifted up Ford Motor Company from the dustbin and remade it into a paragon of what Detroit used to be—a global technological leader. 402 more words

The first two days - Madrid to the South of England

So, the whole point of Drive & Dream is to make electric car touring as easy and pleasant as possible, in order that people can overcome their worries and start buying electrics by the million. 976 more words

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Very interesting article describing a trip from Madrid to Scotland in an electric Tesla Model S! To be continued...

Tesla CEO Elon Musk visits China amid consumer complaints

Electric vehicle maker Tesla grabbed the attention of both Chinese media and car buyers since the very beginning of its entry to Chinese market. 536 more words


Bentley launches first plug-in hybrid electric car

Bentley has unveiled its first plug-in hybrid electric car at the Beijing International Automotive Show. The Bentley Hybrid Concept is based on the luxury carmaker’s flagship model, the Mulsanne. 73 more words

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Tesla will source battery materials from North America exclusively

There is no such thing as a truly green car.

All cars require raw materials and energy to produce, use energy during their time as transport, and require energy to recycle–the components that can be recycled, at least. 498 more words