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EMP - over and out!

A large solar flare or a well-directed bomb in the atmosphere will result in total chaos.

The United States electrical system is all tied together, so that if one large area goes down, it takes the others with it, like falling dominoes.  298 more words

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Burning In The Night

The hum of the crickets was deafening to the point of being a comfort, taking away any anxieties that a prey might have in leaving a noise for their predator to detect them. 1,318 more words


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Though there is no cure-all solution to prevent every potential threat from affecting the nation’s infrastructure assets, public power and the electric utility industry have been in the business of ensuring the electric grid’s security for a long time. 104 more words

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The Electric Grid 101

I’ve discussed quite a bit about why you should care about our grid, but before I delve any further into the benefits of energy storage, it’s important to understand how the electrical grid currently operates.