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TRUTHstreammedia Doing a Fantastic Job Again. Exposing 9/11 Fear Propaganda.

ISIS, Power Grid, Syrian Rebels…on and on it goes.  Don’t give away your power to these sociopaths. 

Quick, well produced videos that get right to the point.  18 more words


If Junta Blocks Electricity to the Crimea… Russia will Block Electricity to the Ukraine

A Serb mother and child hiding from American bombing… the Russians wouldn’t bomb the loudmouthed Uniates… they’d just shut off the juice. Anyway, those kholkhols don’t want anything from us Moskali, anyway… 308 more words


ISIS on the border: a clear and present threat to the US electric grid

Center For Security Policy:

The Secure the Grid Coalition convened a panel to examine the danger and possibility that the Islamic State, either directly or through proxies like the Knights Templar drug cartel, or other enemies of the United States – could inflict existential damage upon this country by attacking its vulnerable electric grid. 8 more words


A reading reco, and free games

For your consideration: Though this is a bit of a longer article, I highly recommend getting all the way though it.

Why the U.S. needs better privacy laws, … 261 more words


15 nuclear reactors at grave risk in Ukraine, with update

Update, September 7, 2014:

The Kiev regime is buying 1 million tons of coal from South Africa due to the coal shortage in Ukraine. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk said on September 3 that the first ship was being loaded. 926 more words

Nuclear Power + Grid Down Event = Global Extinction for Humanity

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) If you think the Fukushima situation is bad, consider the fact that the United States is vulnerable to the exact same meltdown situation, except at 124 separate nuclear reactors throughout the country. 624 more words

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