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Forever Tuesday Morning...sort of.....

I am almost able to guarantee my dear readers, that, at the moment , for Thea Brooke, if something can go wrong, then…it probably will. No sooner had I picked myself up from the slough of despond, and set myself the challenge of posting two reviews a week,danced until dawn,and given my attitude a makeover then the unthinkable happened…..another death,illness, penguin uprising? 179 more words

Thea Brooke

Literary News (Electric Literature)

News! Patrick Modiano won the Nobel Prize in Literature: http://goo.gl/S1bkER

Also, here’s an infographic on the benefits of reading: http://goo.gl/5Owwns

I have to wonder, though: if reading reduces stress 100% more than drinking a cup of tea, does drinking a cup of tea while reading take me back to 0? 23 more words


Infographic: E-books vs. Paper Books (Electric Literature)

I overhear the same conversation almost every time I’m browsing in a bookstore. Two people are discussing e-books versus paper books with, invariably, the same conclusion: paper books are vastly preferable in look and feel, but you can’t beat the convenience of an e-reader. 53 more words


On Brooklyn Rail, Fest, and Feminism

A supernova of sensory succulence greeted visitors to this year’s Brooklyn Book Festival at Borough Hall on Sept. 21. An abundance of authorship. A whirlwind of writerly wisdom. 383 more words

New York City

Collaborative Poetry: "Night Terrors"

Each month, PR displays the efforts of a writer working in digital forms.  To start off the new (school) year, we’re featuring a collaborative work created by Susan Naomi Bernstein and her partner, Steve Cormany. 321 more words


Strange Tides in an Ocean of Words

Literature, the best of it anyway, often does unusual or unexpected things to its readers. I don’t mean merely the numerous effects a single piece of good writing can have on those who read it, although that part of it is probably only ignored at great peril. 941 more words

Literary roundup: Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky + Modernist mags

Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading this week is a story by the great Russian writer Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky entitled “The Unbitten Elbow”. Translated by Joanne Turnbull, who also provides a brief introduction, the story comes at the recommendation of The PEN Literary Awards. 267 more words