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The new Critical Hit Awards are up!

In which I ask Janice Lee of HTMLGIANT and ENTROPY magazine if she goes around telling everyone when a book is terrible.

Read her answer and see all the winners here.

- Brian Hurley

Critical Hit Awards

7 Things Writers Wish You'd Stop Saying to Them

When I tell people I’m a writer, inevitably there comes some questions that are really hard to answer. Well-meaning people ask me questions that NO ONE WOULD ASK ANYBODY ELSE*. 577 more words


It Comes All Back Around Again

The last set of interview questions I wrote as Interviews Editor of PANK was on September 4, 2012. At that point, I was burned out. Writing 12-15 sets of interview questions every month, each set tailored to the writer’s contribution, was a challenge, and I enjoyed doing it while I with  210 more words


Electric Lit: Lanette Cadle and DMAC

PR is delighted to have Lanette Cadle, poet, Moon City Press senior editor, and Associate Professor of English at Missouri State University, share some of the work she has done at the Digital Media and Composition Institute (DMAC) at Ohio State University this year.   250 more words

Guest Blogs

In which I invent (okay, clarify) a genre at Electric Literature...

I have a new essay up at Electric Literature, where editor Lincoln Michel was lovely enough to let me mess around with genre definition and cook up something new/old. 178 more words