Motorized Cycles: a New Generation Endowment Which Keeps Our Atmosphere Eco-friendly.

Youth is the backbone for the incredible future of a growing nation. The appropriate choice for them is riding a bicycle which gives a garden-fresh feeling to their gray-matter. 294 more words

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Mission Magnum Hard Iron Pumps

6-New Mission Magnum 5x6x14 hard iron pumps waiting to be packaged on the floor with 100 hp electric motors to go to a Canadian silver mining company


Electrical Materials | Wires | Electric Motor - JSL Electric

JSL Electric Corporation was established in 2007 as an electrical trading company to address the need of a knowledgeable electrical needs provider to all traders, contractors and major industries in Philippines. 27 more words

Electric Motors In Manila

How to Get the Best Motorized Bicycle

People those are more concerned toward environment, now have a good means of transportation option e.g. Motorized Bicycle. A motorized bicycle is nothing but a bicycle that has a motor attached to it basically used to propel the bicycle. 264 more words

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Understanding The Significance of Hydraulic Pump for High Performance of Machines

You must have heard the use of hydraulic mechanism in some way or the other. Be it a brake of your car or the elevators of your apartment or any other heavy machine, hydraulic system is highly popular and widely used. 345 more words

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Why I like to use DC motors to teach students about electromagnetism

Students these days like things that move. Parents like to see their students be engaged. That’s why when I have the chance to teach about magnets I’ll eventually get around to discuss direct current (DC) motors. 284 more words

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5 Good Reasons to Ride a Motorized Bicycle

If you are considering a motorized bicycle as an alternative transportation option, it is important that you understand its advantages, so that you can rest assured about your decision is right about choosing the motorized bicycle over gas-powered vehicle or any other fuel cell vehicle. 378 more words

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