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Surprise NY Auto Show Appearance: New 2015 Lexus NX Crossover

The 2015 Lexus NX compact crossover has had a long gestation, with two concept vehicles shown over the last 18 months. It was finally, officially unveiled yesterday at the Beijing Auto Show, as Lexus had announced it would be. 24 more words


Amazing Brain

This must be the most incredible video of how our brain works, think of it KalZ, all of this, happening inside your head right now!

Tesla Will Build Electric Cars In China; Model S On Sale There This Week

We’ve expected it for some time, but now it’s been confirmed: Tesla will build electric cars in China in the next three to four years. While Chinese production won’t replace the company’s facilities in the U.S, it will give Tesla a foothold in an ever-growing market–and help it avoid China’s hefty 25 percent import tariff. 8 more words


Ford C-Max Hybrid Sales Hurt By Cut From 47 MPG To 43 MPG, Exec Says

They say that honesty is the best policy. It’s also said that the truth can hurt. Ford is experiencing both of these with its C-Max Hybrid–with lower sales since the company dropped its official EPA-rated mileage figures. 24 more words


Audi TT Offroad Concept: Plug-In Hybrid Crossover In Beijing Debut

Audi’s TT may not be as distinctive as it once was, but still appeals to style-conscious consumers. Its popularity has led the company to suggest further TT-based models could be on the way–and the TT Offroad Concept shown at the Beijing Auto Show hints as a possible direction for the brand. 14 more words


SAE taskforce completes two technical standards on hydrogen refueling; harmonizing the global infrastructure

The standards have been created to harmonize hydrogen fueling worldwide for both 35 MPa and 70 MPa pressures. J2601. SAE J2601 defines parameters for a hydrogen fueling experience similar to conventional fueling and is considered one of the key standards required for the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen stations. 12 more words


Singing the House Electric

Remember this little guy?

……… well, just in case you don’t, lemme introduce ya.

His name is Reddy Kilowatt, and for about six decades - 700 more words