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TIAX spins out Li-ion Advanced Battery Materials & Design Division to become separate company

‘Capacity and rate performance of CAM-7 cathode material. Click to enlarge. Lab-based technology development company TIAX will spin out its Advanced Battery Materials & Design Division on 1 May to become a separate company— CAMX Power LLC —to be co-located with TIAX and operate as its subsidiary. 12 more words


FTC Comes Out In Favor Of Tesla Direct Sales, Against Dealer-Backed Bans

‘The ongoing fight between Tesla Motors and car dealers across the country has spilled from the headlines into the legal system, but so far, the outcome is far from certain. 41 more words


SwRI launches new automotive consortium focusing on fuels and lubricants

‘Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is launching the Advanced Engine Fluids (AEF) consortium to better understand fuel and lubricant chemistry and its effects on engine combustion. The AEF consortium will research the impact of fuels and lubricants on engine combustion and the requirements needed for optimizing future engine technologies. 11 more words


MIT study: higher octane standard fuel in US could lower fleet fuel consumption & GHG an extra 4.5-6% by 2040

‘Offering a higher-octane gasoline to the consumer market in the US as the standard grade could deliver an incremental 4.5% to 6% reduction in fleet fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, on top of a projected 26.8% reduction by then in the baseline case (i.e., This leads to improved engine efficiencies and the sought reductions. 10 more words


The Two Step: electric and Cave Needles

I was introduced to Kyle Armillotti as the talented guitar player and vocalist accompanying Hoodie Allen on tour. I was immediately impressed with his voice and his energy as he flew around the stage doing whatever was needed to keep the show going. 321 more words

Irrational Confidence

RAC to charge to the rescue of stranded EV drivers

‘One of the the UK’s leading breakdown service providers, the RAC, is launching its first mobile electric charging system to help electric car owners whose batteries run flat. 34 more words


Future GM C-Max Rival, Fiskers in 2015, Workplace Charging For Electric Cars: Today's Car News

‘Today on Green Car Reports: New Fisker Karma plug-in hybrids may arrive by 2015, why workplace electric-car charging matters, and Oklahoma adds a fee for homes that connect green energy sources to the grid. 37 more words