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Gibson USA LPCS14WRCH1LP Classic 2014 Wine Red Solid-Body Electric Guitar

Save $ 1 order now Gibson USA LPCS14WRCH1LP Classic 2014 Wine Red Solid-Body Electric Guitar at Cheap Guitars For Sale store. Daily reviews best acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and find cheap guitars for sale, used guitars on Ebay, Amazon… 14 more words

Tesla Model S: Still the best car in the world? [VIDEO]

CNET On Cars, Episode 46: CNET revisits the Tesla Model S now that it’s a bona fide mass production hit.



GM and LG working on Tesla Model 3 competitor with 200 mile range

LG Chem CFO Cho Suk-jeh has revealed the company will supply an automaker with a battery that will allow one of their models to travel more than 200 miles (320 km) on a single charge. 220 more words


Renewable Fuels Association says DOE is under-representing E85 stations

‘The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) said that the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) database severely under-represents the number of stations selling E85. 35 more words


Kyoto team develops new cathode material for high-energy-density rechargeable magnesium batteries

‘Charge–discharge profiles of ion-exchanged MgFeSiO 4. Three-electrode cells using Mg metal counter electrode and silver reference electrode were used. Electrolyte was 0.5 M magnesium (trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide (Mg(TFSI) 2 ) in acetonitrile (solvent). 23 more words


£1B Advanced Propulsion Centre selects Univ. of Warwick as Hub

‘The UK’s 10-year, £1-billion (US$1.7-billion) Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) ( earlier post ) has selected the University of Warwick as the site for its Hub location, supporting the industry and government commitment to the development of low carbon propulsion systems. 19 more words


Study finds testing the technology the strongest initial motivation for fleet managers adopting EVs

‘According to a report from Frost and Sullivan (Kumar, 2013), fleet managers adopted more than half of EVs sold globally up to 2013. Thereafter fleet managers adopted or indicated an intent to adopt a larger number of EVs because of the benefits that they offer. 22 more words