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Hooked up for power

After a couple grueling weeks digging a trench, and having friends come over to do the handiwork, the electrical line running to the chicken coop… 330 more words


How much electricity cost a 3D print?

Well this is a question everyone i know ask me and i quickly ended up to the conclusion that i didn’t know ^^.

So in the end I decided to take a watt meter and measure. 646 more words


An Intro to Arc Flash: Dangerous, Misunderstood, Overlooked, Preventable

Due to the nature of their work, water and wastewater treatment plant operators are potentially at a higher risk for accidents and injury. They use chemicals, are exposed to hazardous energy sources, work in or around confined spaces, and face various environmental and health hazards. 952 more words


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Hood Part I

Once we removed the old recirculating range hood and upper kitchen cabinets, we began the installation of our new hood. Based on the title, you can probably surmise that things didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped.   1,025 more words

LED Lighting.... why switch???

A great option to lower your energy bills is changing your traditional lighting methods to LED lighting as it comes with a range of benefits for both consumer and environment. 161 more words


Key Features That Need To Be Checked While Buying A Mixer Grinder

I recently bought a Mixer Grinder and during the process of buying I realized how tough it is to pick the most appropriate product. But the dealer from which I bought the unit was very helpful. 284 more words


Knowing Your Exide Battery Properly

Maintenance and time to time check-ups are very important for an Exide Battery. I realized this only after my battery stopped working properly and I was left with no other choice than to go for a new one. 274 more words