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Mapping electrical + plumbing

Moving forward, the gas, plumbing, and electrical lines have been mapped and tracks have been excavated into the brick walls. Some even go out to the exterior of the building through gaping holes. 276 more words

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He said, let there be light

Until now I have forgone staying past dark to work on Caroline simply due to the lack of light on board. Electrical is finish work simply by virtue of needing to remove fixtures for painting etc.

Retrofit Work.

JULY 26, 2013 - Description: Short in switches and chandelier, etc, CATEGORY = ELECTRICAL: VENDOR= C&C ELECTRIC, COST=UNKNOWN

Re: – New Work Order

This notification is to inform you that a work order has been received for the referenced property. A contractor has been assigned to this maintenance issue. 99 more words


Electrical Systems Based on the 2008 NEC National Code Effortless

OSHA standards focus on the design and use of electrical equipment and systems. The standards cover only the exposed or operating elements of an electrical installation such as lighting, equipment, motors, machines, appliances, switches, controls, and enclosures, requiring that they be constructed and installed to minimize workplace electrical dangers. 260 more words

Heating and Air Conditioning Service in Charlotte NC - 704-882-4522

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How Electrical Test and Tag Services Can Ensure a Safe Workplace?

Have you been thinking about the ways to enhance the overall safety of your workplace? Perhaps, you are overlooking the importance of carrying out an electrical testing and tagging. 236 more words

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