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Kendall. Gary, S. 2010. Meaning in Electroacoustic Music and the Everyday Mind.

Organising Sound. 15 (1), pp. 63-74.

The article looks to explore links on how listeners meaning draw from electroacoustic music, relating to meaning drawn from everyday life.  177 more words

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Godman, Rob. 2002. Ambient Sound and Resonating Spaces.

eContact!. 5(3). Montréal: CEC.

Ambient music is an area with which I have some experience in composing, with the apparent sense of mood and environment being the pervading force in the success of the work to elicit an emotional response within me.  88 more words

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Basanta, Adam. 2010. Syntax as Sign: The use of ecological models within a semiotic approach to electroacoustic composition.

Organised Sound. 15 (2), pp.125-132.

Basanta asserts that there is a semiotic structure within electroacoustic music upon which a model of composition can be drawn.  This model looks to tap into the perceptual mechanisms of the listener via the modeling and morphing of the physical characteristics of sound.  89 more words

Music Perception

Book review - Joanna Demers 'Listening Through The Noise: The Aesthetics Of Experimental Electronic Music'

Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford (2010)

The book proceeds on a philosophical basis and looks to relate theories of aesthetics towards experimental electronic music, in a manner that combines them with prevailing cultural paradigms applied to the music.  1,901 more words

Electroacoustic Music

New album: Horologium

Horologium was produced as part of this years RPMchallenge and as part of that challenge was written between 1-22nd February 2014. The title refers to the study of clocks and time  920 more words

New Music

I will present my research on RIMs-Computer Music Designers emerging profession next week at IRCAM in Paris (12 March).  I will present results concerning the project: 240 more words

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