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Diagram A: Drawing Utensil Ganglia (C30)
John Macedo / Brandon Terzakis split (C27)
Clive Henry /Joined by Wires (C60)

I first came across SoundHoles records via its loud ‘n’ lovely rendering of a live… 538 more words

The Paradigm

The vocal apparatus is designed to speak, sing and emit multiple different sounds. It is an instrument to imitate, almost perfectly, sounds that we can hardly distinguish between the original object that produces it and our voice. 19 more words


Virtual City

This composition is a representation of an imaginary city made with voice only. This vocal exploration gradually designs existing places within the urban space, but become object of imagination due to the exaltation of the sound-object itself. 25 more words


Brogan, Sfirri, Panzner, Stuart: Harness

Jason Brogan and Sam Sfirri – Wolf
Joe Panzner and Greg Stuart – We Didn’t Get There Tonight

Two very different pieces showcasing two very different takes on electroacoustic exploration make up this split cassette, the second release from Enrique Rejon and Gerardo Alejos Victoria’s Lengua De Lava label from Merida, Mexico. 426 more words

(New Album Review) Andrew Weathers- One Day We'll Find the Valley

One Day We’ll Find the Valley is Oakland musician Andrew Weathers’s undertaking to transform hymns from the Sacred Harp Hymnal using modern instrumentation and production. Weathers performs virtually all of the album himself, though John Weathers and Janie Benson provide additional vocals.  392 more words

LIL: "unidentified" out today

Spectropol is pleased to announce the availability of another fine collection from Polish artist Marcin Tomczak.
An unidentified space; a surreal electroacoustic chamber music full of vibrant color and complex emotion. 30 more words

FâLX çèrêbRi ‎– Trials Textures Errors

Monochrome Vision ‎– MV15, 2014

  1. Destroyed Newspaper Music 1
  2. Ritus 64 – Based In Circles
  3. Destroyed Newspaper Music 3
  4. C1/4
  5. Scanning No.2
  6. Klinik Kastration
  7. Abtastungen Pts.
  8. 68 more words