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Is Downloadable Content Ruining Games?

Something that has been becoming more common recently is downloadable content (DLC), which takes advantage of the internet to add to games after release. Sounds good, right? 347 more words

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FIFA 15 isn't a game-changer, but you might still love it anyway

EA Sports’ FIFA series is a big deal. While Madden NFL gets all the of attention and quirky marketing campaigns featuring Hollywood celebrities, its non-American football cousin rules the global sales charts when it comes to the virtual sports. 953 more words


Opinion-Bytes: More for Moore, Less for Us

Recently, Peter Moore had a chat with computerandvideogames.com, and had some, uh, ‘interesting’ things to say. For those unfamiliar with the name, he’s the Chief Operating Officer of Electronic Arts. 1,725 more words


Shaq Fu World Tour RETURNS!

The long awaited return of Shaq Fu World Tour is on its way, starting with a stop in Miami, Florida this afternoon!


The What's What, Volume 154

Is jaywalking actually a crime anywhere except the fucking nation of America? America is one of the most backwards places on the face of this earth and has one of the most retarded police forces of all time. 806 more words

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Upcoming SWTOR Expansion 3.0 Info....?

Today I tweeted, “What should I write about on #prettylittlesith today?” A quick response came from @ColeBennett, who suggested, “why @SWTOR is so slow to release news about an expansion that is coming in 3 months or so. 398 more words


NHL 15 Review (PS4 and Xbox One)

EA’s NHL series has finally hit next generation consoles for the first time in the PS4 and Xbox One era this year and there is a lot of excitement for next gen hockey this year, but does NHL 15 live up to its hype? 1,905 more words