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Get it in writing…but what is writing?

Everyone will be familiar with the general idea of ‘getting it in writing’.  We are usually referring to recording an agreed position between parties. ‘In writing’, however, is a constantly evolving legal concept. 584 more words


Final Project Progress

I think my final project is going well. I also believe it will do a lot of good for me.

I met with Chelsea Armstrong… 208 more words

Changes Happening Soon in My Blog

Hey there readers.

So, if you haven’t noticed, the topic of this blog has changed from traveling, to being about whatever recent project I’ve had in my electronic communications class. 159 more words

"Disposable Gen" by Richard F. Yates

A few days ago, Mariah was reading the Sunday paper, and the only section of “above ground” news that I find interesting is the comics (and that mostly out of nostalgia for when comics were worth reading,) so when I spotted that particularly colorful section, I borrowed it for a few seconds, long enough to read one strip, then gave it back. 621 more words


Video Project Review- Assignment #8

I personally enjoyed doing the video project, and thought it was a fun way to express ourselves and share with the class something we are passionate about (or in some cases, to make them laugh). 202 more words


Successful Social Media Requires You To Fight Your Fear

(Jim Braunschweig, Account Executive for JD Gordon Creative Labs in Sioux City, Iowa, is a guest blogger this week providing his perspective on social media, specifically the hesitation of higher education marketing to embrace and jump into the social media frenzy) 809 more words

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