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Does your e-discovery vendor understand your business? Do they care to understand your business?

The dominant model for the F-500 is to outsource to e-discovery vendors directly, rather than via law firms. 956 more words

Three is a crowd: working e-discovery projects with in-house and outside counsel in the triangle

There is an old expression: `two is company, three is a crowd’.  As an e-discovery service provider whose client is a corporation over the long-term, you are necessarily in a crowd of three for much of the time. 1,548 more words

Potential clients often ask: so, what is different about you, why should I choose you over another e-discovery service provider?

This is a difficult question to answer as very few e-discovery service providers are obviously the first choice or have a unique kind of value proposition. 674 more words

Big predictive coding fish and small ponds: a practice note

Predictive coding is the new wave of technology in e-discovery, but virtually every discussion about predictive coding tools starts from the point the data is loaded to the tool. 695 more words

Why true talent leaves e-discovery companies and what you can do to stop it

The e-discovery industry is notorious for rapid turnover of staff, it is the same in any early to mid development sector with volatility and consolidation. But if you are an owner your talent is your business, not your technology. 519 more words