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Movie Poster

This is a movie poster I made for my illustration class based on act 6 of Homestuck (a web comic in case you don’t know).


Fraud knows no Boundaries

Author Paul Kruger

Publications: InsuranceGateways

Date Published: 15 April 2014

Consumers at the lower end of the market are often more vulnerable when it comes to being defrauded. 707 more words

Electronic Media

Field trip to the Weston

For one of my classes this semester, we are all taking a series of field trips in order to learn more about various art spaces within Cincinnati. 189 more words

NPR: On the Media - Newspapers and Their Uncertain Future

I’ve previously spoken about newspapers and their possible extinction, and this NPR podcast tends to agree with me, but offers a few interesting insights into the trends or causes of the newspaper’s decline. 322 more words

What I Think About What I Learn

I Think, Therefore . . .

A 7 Quick Takes Post


I have a funny quote from Fred Allen to start off this week. It appeared in our local newspaper on Sunday: 807 more words

7 Quick Takes

MEDIA ANALYSIS (October – December 2013)

Environment being an extremely gravitious and sensitive aspect, its adequate coverage becomes all the more mandatory. It is almost the backbone of our survival and consistent maintenance on earth. 486 more words

Hedge funds: Really bad investments? SA vs global funds

Author:  Jackie Cameron

Publications: Biznews.com

Date Publiched: 30 Maart 2014

After at least a decade of industry-government talks and planning, South Africa is on the brink of introducing hedge fund regulations, effectively making them legally acceptable to promote. 987 more words

Electronic Media