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Review: Huxley "Blurred"

I first heard of Huxley at around spring last year, when one of my friends played me his dance floor hit “Box Clever” released back in 2012 on 2020 Vision. 715 more words

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Kenton Slash Demon Boiler Room DJ Set at STRØM

I have included this video for anyone who enjoys electronic music with an hour to spare, I wouldn’t normally included two posts by the same artist but this is so good. 32 more words


‘Herstory - The Musical: Electric Sisters

As female musicians, not only do we have to face the oppressive weight of a male dominated industry, but we have to see female contributions to our art/cultural form removed from the canons of history and the mainstream of the present. 192 more words

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Slacks - St. South [indie - electronic]

I’ve found that I spend more time looking for music to study to, than actually studying. This song sounds a lot like Julia Stone is singing, but I don’t know for sure. Awesome song though, peaceful.

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The Last Rave In The Depths Of Your Eyes - The Queenstons

I must have listened to this song at least 100 times the past few days.

This song retains The Queenstons sound for the most part, but they do deviate with the more orchestral/jazzy samples, which actually work really well with the Queenstons’ sound.

Flying Lotus: You're Dead!

Electronic music’s earliest artists distinguished themselves by a certain purity. They had only a few simple synthesizers, editing instruments, and samplers with which to compose, giving their music a stark minimalism. 502 more words

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Ghostdata LP by Phantom Network SDTG005 (SNiPPETS) Soon...

It’s time to add another edition to our catalog on Technogate line. We receive with love a new artist in our crew, Phantom Network ( 280 more words

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