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Uses Of Piezo Discs In Multiple Acoustic Related Equipments

The piezoelectricity could be found due to the property of crystalline materials. Hence, those materials are useful as transducer elements. The transducer elements help in transduction of electrical energy to mechanical energy and vice versa. 211 more words


Functions And Different Applications Of Piezo Sounders And Speakers

The piezoelectric phenomenon has garnered enough techniques for different types of products. Manufacturers have gone a step ahead with developing different kinds of piezo components so that they can be used for different acoustical purposes. 234 more words


Manufacturers Offer Piezoelectric Buzzers With Various Configurations

The audible buzzer alarms have always been a great help in alarming facilities. A buzzer is generally a warning sound. Their typical usage is for identification signals and alarms. 206 more words


we've got data

Here is what three chicken bedtimes look like.

The green stuff is pressure sensor data collected from under the roost bar which roughly corresponds to the weight of the chickens. 166 more words


Screenshots from HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer via GPIB?

I’m wondering if anyone reading this might have some experience and could chime in. I’m trying to make my HP 3585A spectrum analyzer talk to my Windows XP laptop over GPIB (488.1) with a National Instruments PCMCIA-GPIB card. 191 more words


LED High Bay Light: The Journey Towards Ultimate Lighting

We all are aware that “Change is the unchangeable law of nature”. The entire human race remains always in the process to cope with the change by its innovative inventions & user friendly technologies. 366 more words