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Not This Guy Again!

Today, i realised that i buy something every day, guys at the market greet me like an employee. The electronics staff probably hate me. I ask lots of questions, demand what they don’t have and i don’t know what exactly to buy. 65 more words


Raspberry Pi B+

Hey folks, gonna show you my new Raspberry Pi B+ computer. For those who aren’t familiar with Raspberry Pi, it is a micro computer that has 4 USB ports, 512mb of ram, HDMI, 10/100 ethernet port, 40 pin GPIO connector and so much more!! 68 more words


Beginner Kit

Every hobby takes some money but this one is heavily industrialised so it’s among the cheapest.

(You can buy almost half of the list at price of a fish.) 527 more words


Pot Of Greed

Just because you are different doesn’t mean you are useful.

I have only one burnt led, turns out 500Kohm potentiometer is not so accurate. It was fun though, let’s burn the another one! 164 more words


Sleepless Nights Inbound

16 October 2014

Just another day.

Wake up, eat the first food you see, shake last traces of death from eyelids,┬áprepare for your lesson. It’s just an intro, how hard could it possibly be? 56 more words


Toshiba 11H-540F Tabletop Transistor Radio Overhaul

I recently got to work on a little tabletop transistor radio from the late ’60s, maybe 1970 at the latest, from Toshiba: the 11H-540F. Not the catchiest name, but it was near the top of its model line-up featuring 11 transistors, AM and FM, and a line input. 365 more words


My Epic Fail With a Soldering Iron

From time to time I like to tinker about with electronics. Take things apart and what not.

Over the weekend I was digging about in the shed and I found an an old Sagem F@ST 2504. 651 more words