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Dell flat-screen monitor, measures about 24″:

Harman-Kardon Speakers, probably circa 2001. I think I had some like this in college. These still work.

Sony Blu-ray and DVD player: 69 more words


Lighten up your city streets with our bright LED lighting system

To have a safer and cost cutting lighting system, most of the major cities around the world are choosing to install LED street light. Not only homeowners and businesses are reaping the benefits of installing LED lights but also many local authorities around the world are opting to replace their current street lightings with these LEDs. 252 more words

LED Street Light Manufacturer

Digital Lab 2

In the Blink_Gate code, I added

Added else(analogRead(1) > 512);{
digitalWrite(led, 0);}

and flipped the greater than sign to less than in the first line in the loop. 323 more words

Electronics 2

Current Project: Weather station

This is my latest project, an Arduino uno based weather station. The basic code has been completed and is up and running. The station reads the temperature both outdoors and indoors, relative humidity, and light levels. 237 more words


New Trend Circuits: No need to compromise with the budget or the quality factor of PCB

Speaking of printed circuit boards, these products are now at peaks with the current technology updates. Every single electronic gadget, big or small is having a PCB inbuilt in it. 265 more words


Arduino and Raspberry Pi

First, a revelation: there was a time when neither Arduino or Raspberry Pi existed!

Yeah, sounds incredible when now you can find thousands of D.I.Y. projects using any of the boards, and make no mistake, I think that it is wonderful news! 144 more words