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Behaviour of electricity is relatively difficult because we see the world from our own point of view, which i will mark with itallic font from now on. 333 more words



You obviously need to know the basics since all the advanced knowledge will consist of them.

I always hated the electric part of physics books. They give you a formula and want you to solve problems. 162 more words


Bitter It Is

When i was naming this project, i was expecting it to be bitter but, there are so many things and so many ways to fail, i often find myself thinking what would happen if i chose an easier task. 43 more words


Digital Lab 7

This circuit produces a click at a steady rate depending on the tempo set by the potentiometer connected to analog pin 0. In this way it acts like a metronome. 478 more words

Electronics 2

Not This Guy Again!

Today, i realised that i buy something every day, guys at the market greet me like an employee. The electronics staff probably hate me. I ask lots of questions, demand what they don’t have and i don’t know what exactly to buy. 65 more words


Raspberry Pi B+

Hey folks, gonna show you my new Raspberry Pi B+ computer. For those who aren’t familiar with Raspberry Pi, it is a micro computer that has 4 USB ports, 512mb of ram, HDMI, 10/100 ethernet port, 40 pin GPIO connector and so much more!! 68 more words


Beginner Kit

Every hobby takes some money but this one is heavily industrialised so it’s among the cheapest.

(You can buy almost half of the list at price of a fish.) 527 more words