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Class Up Your Nightstand With These Wooden Bluetooth Alarm Clocks

From afar, these Bluetooth speakers look like simple blocks of wood; perhaps some kind of minimalist IKEA decoration. Take a closer look though, and there’s a lot going on. 9 more words


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Technical Stuff:

  • Greatly extends cellular signal range for both voice and data… 174 more words
  • The internet is broken

    The internet was built 25 years ago, and used to only be used to pass research back and forth.  The internet give you a choice to encrypt  your stuff, allowing it to be extremely difficult to be able to figure out what the encryption actually is.   111 more words


    Apple's plan to change how you pay for everything

    Apple is attempting to introduce a new way to pay for everything using your iPhone.  Introducing a new digital wallet that will allow you to pay for stuff that you buy in stores, but will be secured by a fingerprint sensor at the register.   253 more words


    Wearable tech to hack your brain

    Wear a headset to send electrical currents to your brain for about 15 minutes to get more energy, or improve your focus or even to get calm yourself down,  The latest company to attempt to create the brain stimulation device was Thync.   239 more words


    Which eighties instrument will get a documentary of its own?

    A fascinating musical instrument that revolutionized the eighties and helped many artists create their unique, chart-topping tunes has a documentary dedicated to it on the way. 405 more words


    Traditional or Infrared Sauna, Which One to Buy?

    As we all know, sauna is great for body detoxification, anti-ageing, skin purification, pain relief, relaxation, weight loss and many other diseases. There are several types of sauna machines available in market for your purchase. 302 more words