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Sedonia Speaks

This poem combines the prompts to write a poem in the voice of a family member, and to write a children’s poem. In this case I offer a message to my infant self in the silenced voice of an enslaved African ancestor, with all the love and gratitude I hold for her. 191 more words


In Memory of Our Cat Ralph

When we got home it was almost dark,
Our neighbor waiting on the walk.
“I’m sorry, I have bad news,” he said.
“Your cat, the gray-black one, is dead. 193 more words


To Amanda Todd, or, An attempt to speak where silence reigns.

Fifteen years

on Earth,

but you saw

no reason

for more.

Seduced by

“you are beautiful,”

but no one

made you feel

“I am.”

You escaped… 23 more words


“You, who never leave my heart for long / Thou from whom my sentiment rarely strays″ by Rainer Maria Rilke (Elegy Sonnets to Orpheus 10 of 55)


Written By Ry Hakari

April 15, 2005 Friday

-Goodbye Butterfly-

How am I to face the end
Extend a hand to a friend for awhile… 283 more words

An Elegy - in piku

AN ELEGY – in piku

Dreams die when
least expect it.

P. Wanken


Written for Poetic Asides April 2014 Poem-A-Day Challenge DAY 16: Elegy


Poem #18: To an Old Friend

It’s amazing how much one person
can mean to others.

Beyond the distance and the air,
the bonds are still there.

When we grieve for them, 49 more words