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for BF adn Tucker

teh tiemz taht ai recawl
tohse sweet ungarded momentz
teh liftin ov mai hart
teh tuchin ov mai soel

let mii cloez mai eyz
gayz intu mai myndz mirror… 88 more words


Day 1
Challenge: Elegy (of you)

Sunken one fathom under the earth
A hollow cast of what she was meant to be
Planted herself as an unfruitful seed… 101 more words


Black rain...

Black rain, 
Thy redemption hearkens near.
Through withered toils 
And misbegotten beginnings 
Thy promise of absolution 
Will soon set upon 
These wasted fruits, 
And carry them to grace.

Art: “The Funeral” 
Édouard Manet



Stay positive, stay strong
Unyielding, unflinching
Or neutral, an even keel
Even slightly despondent but never negative
Down, despairing and distraught

Your chest barely moves as you sleep… 242 more words


WIPpet Wednesday -- what's a Muse?

Since meeting Kate I’ve found all this cool stuff to do with my blog. Like change the blog title. And contemplate the malice of Muses. 188 more words


Elegy for the children of Syria and Gaza: If I call to the children

If I stretch my soul between the disintegrating
Earth and the pearly heaven
If I stretch it gently and embroider it
With red roses and white roses… 140 more words




It passed quickly; her breath, her doings. As if blindsided by a ripping wind, all I am left is poor of spirit and empty of soul. 151 more words