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Adding folders to the desktop... the easy way!

I know for sure I like organizing my desktop with folders… and then folders in folders. It’s just who I am. As much as I like the clean feel of Elementary, I’d like to add that functionality back. 152 more words

Elementary OS

Going full blast on Elementary!

I’m going to be adding posts and videos dedicated to Elementary OS Luna. This is going to be pretty interesting, considering my review on it. Just a quick update.

Elementary OS

elementary OS Freya Beta 1 : Slow development, but I still like it.

Things are slow development as ever with elementary OS Freya to say the least,┬ábut I am happy to say, at least it’s coming along. Sadly, my honest opinion is that there is really nothing earth shattering about it (anymore) apart from the usual good integration/attention to detail and a serious hot wax polish that seems to take forever, it’s just not getting there(?)… And this is where elementary OS might end up failing for me, whatever it is they are trying to accomplish here is taking way too long and for many and it’s not really making the heads turn for the patience. 943 more words

OSX Yosemite

Well, it happened. I finally got to test out Mac OSX Yosemite. I had held off until the full release. Mainly because I wanted to give the new operating system from Apple fair shake. 229 more words