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HeartBleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL. Approximately 56%  of all websites use OpenSSL to secure their connections. Popular sites such as instagram and Yahoo have admitted they were effected. 96 more words

I find amazing how a single hashtag is related to things that are worlds apart. I find unbelievable how a four-letter word is at the heart of… 38 more words


Getting closer...

Overhype apart, I do find pretty surprising how snappy and usable elementary OS ‘Isis’ already is. Pantheon and GNOME need a lot more apps with… 29 more words


The decision to pursue Midori as the default browser is one I can understand, but find a trite self-defeating. Time would be better spent on ensuring that the sort of browsers most users end up using integrate into the desktop shell.

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Windows 8 in a nutshell

This is an awesome video and pretty much sums up Windows 8 in a nutshell.

Microsoft Office for iPad

The long awaited and long overdue Microsoft Office finally made its debut today for the iPad. You can download a virtually non-functional demo right now for free. 126 more words