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Why go to the zoo when the zoo can come to you?

The children had a great time and even got to witness a chicken laying an egg on their playground! Carrots, apples and cabbages were provided so that the children could actually feed the animals. 122 more words

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Admit Your Ward in Mill Creek Elementary

You must be looking for a good school for your little one where he can grow and develop and flourish. There are many kindergartens screaming for wards, but you need to make an ideal choice as this is almost irreversible. 494 more words

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Fifth Grader Brings Airsoft Gun to School - Panic Ensues ... Wait ... Nope

In Odessa, Texas today, a student was sentenced to death  reprimanded after bringing a toy gun to class.

Not sure if this was what the Airsoft gun looked like, but it actually looks pretty realistic. 40 more words

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Young Scholars' Academy Clean & Green

Worms live in soil. What else do they do? As twenty-three fourth grade students learned on April 9, they poop out compost!

Students from the Young Scholars’ Academy for Discovery and Exploration (PS636) didn’t just learn about worm poop on this windy spring day. 255 more words

Clean & Green

The Fly and The Worm by Elise Gravel


The Fly by Elise Gravel

The Worm by Elise Gravel

The first and second books in the new Disgusting Critters series of nonfiction picture books, these books take a humorous look at the biology of a specific creature.  The first book deals with flies, specifically the common house fly.  Inside are all sorts of interesting facts like the fly being covered in hair and information on eggs and maggots.  More disgusting aspects are played up, which should appeal to young children, like the diet of flies and how germ filled they are and why.  The second book is about worms and focuses on their unique anatomy, such as having no eyes and no limbs.  There is also a focus on habitat, diet and reproduction.  Throughout both books, humorous asides are offered, making this one of the most playful informational book series around. 155 more words

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Pleasant day

There was a mild rain this afternoon. When I came to the parking lot, I found a handful of leopard tree flowers scattered on my bike, wet yellow petals strikingly bright against the red paint. 374 more words

Am I giving back or am I sharing with?

(context: these are about my time at Sheppard Elementary School helping muralist Sandra Gonzalez with a mural project in the school. a group of us worked with different CLASSROOMS of the ELEMENTARY school students to help them paint tiles for the mural to be installed in their school)  171 more words