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Club Meeting # 4

Glide & Follow the Mouse

Date: October 27, 2014


  1. Open the JV Computer Club folder on your desktop and double-click the  Scratch 2 icon to start a new Scratch project.
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Love Letter To My Daughter's Teachers

Dear Three Musketeers,
This morning we met for parent-teacher conferences. I brought oldest with me, as requested, and am glad I did. It was so cool to see her sitting where you usually sit. 339 more words


Randy and Jonathan

Randy and Jonathan are twins, but you would never notice if no one told you. Randy is about 4′ 10″, dark brown skin tanned from the hours he spends outdoors, he’s a bit pudgy, but energetic. 3,081 more words


Review: The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents: Macbeth by Ian Lendler

The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents: Macbeth by Ian Lendler, illustrated by Zack Giallongo

When the gates shut at night at The Stratford Zoo, the animals come out to play.  They steal the keys from one of the zoo keepers as they leave and all of the cages are unlocked.  Vendors walk the aisles selling treats like peanuts and earthworms to the growing crowd.  Then on stage, the theater begins with the lion as Macbeth.  After meeting with the witches, the question is whether Macbeth will eat the king.  Lady Macbeth proposes different preparations to make the king taste better, and Macbeth finally succumbs and eats the king.  But then, as with any Shakespearean tragedy, others must be eaten too.  This is a wild and wonderful combination of Shakespeare, hungers both human and animal, and plenty of humor. 148 more words

Book Reviews

The Christmas Truce of 1914

In 1914 the world was consumed with war, terror and destruction. Men did unspeakable things to each under the guise of organized pain. Humanity questioned it’s very existence, our purpose on this planet. 512 more words


How to Choose a Great Elementary School

These days when it comes to your kids and their school, you have more than enough options to choose from.  Not only can you choose different teaching methods and approaches, but different classifications (faith based, children centered, teacher led, etc.).  707 more words

Elementary School

Honesty Hour

OK, let’s be completely honest with one another here. I’ll be honest with you and you be honest with me. How about that, sound good? We’ve all fallen for someone that we know we never stood a chance with. 850 more words