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Shapely lines!

SHAPE and LINE.  Two very important elements of design.

The former refers to the 2D figure of things, how an object defines it space.  Words like geometric, sinuous,& organic would all be appropriate ways to define shape…that is rather than simply stating something is square, round, or curvy.   472 more words

Dynamic Design


In this exercise we were required take three images where ‘real’ triangles feature and three with implied triangles. A visit to Anglesey Abbey provided the opportunities and at the same time a chance to try out a new camera.   342 more words

Art Of Photography


Choosing Colors

This is a daunting task for even the most experienced Designers. How do you choose colors that will complement photos, type and any other elements that complete your composition? 202 more words

Design Education

Assignment two - amendments

I was very pleased with my tutor’s feedback on my second assignment and even more pleased that he did not suggest that I make any changes to the images that I submitted.  403 more words

Elements Of Design

The march

A systematic pedagogical approach creates opportunities to comprehend abstract design concepts skillfully and induces climate for peer learning. 22 more words

Elements Of Design

Pattern and Movement

Trying to get students to notice the elements and principles of design.  This photo definitely has pattern but can you identify any other elements or principles?   11 more words