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Back to Basics: Elements of Design

And when I say basics I mean the VERY basics of design.

Everybody can put a poster or sign together right? Well…think again.

We could all probably do so, but there is a big difference between putting things together and designing. 519 more words

Psychological Proxemics

It is said that “residents of crowded homes with greater architectural depth (the number of spaces one must pass through to get from one room in the house to another) are less likely to socially withdraw or to be psychologically distressed than residents in crowded homes with relatively low depth” (PsycNet). 147 more words


The relation of visual arts

Being an interior design student and a dancer in my past, I have realized that there is a strong relation between all the visual arts. Looking at the principles and elements of design, each piece among the visual art spectrum has some sort of relation. 185 more words


Elements of Design

By Matt Greenwood

This wonderful video was shared on Marywood’s CMYKlub Facebook page by Sue Jenkins and is a must watch!

Graphic Design

Rhythm and Pattern

This is the last exercise before the Assignment 2, and it covers one important element in photographic composition. At the beginning of the course, in the introduction section, we were invited to make our collection of subjects for their shape, texture and colour: 439 more words

The Art Of Photography


According to the course book, this exercise should be an easy one, because triangles occur more often than any other shape, and they are the simplest and minimal geometrical shape. 956 more words

The Art Of Photography

assignment # 2 - reflections and tutor's comments

Rather quickly compared to last time – less than a week -­ I got the feedback report from my tutor; as a result, I hadn’t managed to put finger to keypad to do my own reflection piece on the assignment. 1,003 more words