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Radii fiesta

Be it a sleek mobile phone, a bulky coke bottle or a piece of classy furniture, radius is an essential element of most tangible products. Big or small, radius could swiftly transform the definition of a form. 130 more words

Elements Of Design

Abstract art and Design

Journal #1 

When I look at a piece of abstract art I feel a sense of appreciation for it. For it varies in the level of how recognizable the objects or scenes within it are, giving me the opportunity to interpret it however I see fit. 348 more words


Day 1 of Doodle

Day 1 : Happy Penguins

Lines are one of the first Elements of Design, that is taken in consideration during formation of a composition. It can be a shape or outline or used as texture. 18 more words


Rustic Yellow Art book

The binding style I used was Japanese binding hard cover. As I worked on the art-book, I wanted to keep it simple. I used an old yellow shirt that I never wear anymore for the front and back covers of the book. 20 more words

Non- Timebased

Book Final

For my final, I created another art book. This one is an example of various art elements and principles. Some elements placed in this book are line, shape, value, space and color. 33 more words


Shape and Form

WARM UP: Edward Weston

Edward Weston  Photography      Pepper No. 30

Answer the Following Questions on your Blog.

1. What does this object resemble?
2. What kinds of shapes, textures, colors, patterns, or lines do you see? 519 more words

Elements Of Design