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elements of design # 8 - rhythm and pattern

Produce at least 2 photographs, one should convey rhythm, the other pattern. Remember that that in rhythm there needs to be a sequence in the picture so that the eye will follow a direction and experience an optical beat.

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assignment # 2 - elements of design: pictures + commentry

Produce 10-15 photographs, all of a similar subject…

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Kinship of positive and negative

The play of figure and ground is oddly intriguing. Perceiving the interchangeability of both results in unique understanding of visual perception and hints at gestalt laws. 79 more words

Elements Of Design

Square upshot

Square is filled with assurance and balance. It emits stability, reliability and solidity. Embodied in our surrounding as a bustling town square, a transparent glass window, a vitrified tile tessellated on floor, a wooden table top or a marble tea coaster, squares are spotted invariably. 49 more words

Elements Of Design


Infused with immense possibilities a line could define, divide, direct, suggest, guide, lead, intercept, confine etc. It is contained between points and is loaded with umpteen expressions. 93 more words

Elements Of Design

Dotted points

A point beholds tremendous potential. It could either make one a winner or a loser. Briskly it serves as a reference, a location, defines the line, grabs attention and is frequently targeted. 93 more words

Elements Of Design

Realm of points, lines, planes, volumes

What a wonderful world – the kingdom of points, lines, planes and volumes. Throughly integrated, none exist without the other. Its remarkable to isolate the layer of each and find them appearing invariably all around us. 75 more words

Elements Of Design