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Queen Snowy in realistic form

This took me 4 hours, I love how this turn out

made with Microsoft Paint and Sketchbook express

art and character © me



Rhythms deepen, waves pulse ,
Rock pools fill to overflow.
The tide is turning.


Chapter 1: How did Chemistry begin?

Mendeleev arranged the elements in order increasing atomic mass, which caused iodine and tellerium to appear the other way around. We now arrange the elements in order of… 64 more words


Joe Henderson (feat. Alice Coltrane) - Water

This track is taken from the ‘Elements’ album, recorded in 1973. The album features Alice Coltrane alongside Henderson, and is a shining example of the electric jazz fusion that was prevalent at the time. 62 more words

Alice Coltrane

The "Elements" of Thinking

As Above So Below

In Hermeticism “above” means the inside world, inside your mind, and “below” means the outside world, the world of the four elements of earth, air fire, water, and earth. 370 more words

Words And Symbols Of Wisdom

App Recommend - Dragon Box Elements

A few weeks ago, Bloke School shared an app review of “Elements” from the makers of DragonBox Alebra 5+ and 12+

Based on that review we decided to give it a try. 228 more words



Distant hazy shores
Shimmer through sea mist blankets.
Pebbles turn in surf.