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CSS3- Selecting targets

In my CSS3 journey so far, I have learned the different ways in which HTML elements can be selected for styling in CSS. This area covers Selecting by element type, Selecting by class, Selecting by identity, Selecting descendants, Selecting by relationship, Selecting by attribute, Selecting partial attributes and Evaluating importance,


fire started fast this morning
friends had me over on Monday
youtube is full of wisdom, once you learn where to look
I know how to play with words, and I’m getting better at it… 68 more words


CSS3- Getting started

In my CSS3 journey so far, I have learned various ways in which styles can be applied to HTML elements. This area covers Introducing CSS, Understanding the cascade, Creating style rules, Applying internal style rules, Linking an external style sheet and Importing other style sheets.

Searching for Elements and Principles

Organic Line- Ildiko Valicsek

Rectilinear Line- Kristen Mcgriff

Organic Shape- Oleg Soroko

Geometric Shape- Christine A D M

Scale- Dimitri Kaliviotis

Symmetry- Tano Veron

Asymmetry- Anna Strupinskaya… 16 more words

On The Eve Of New Year

I became the ocean with the ticking clock and
standing amongst a many, eyes searching the sky-
I breathed out in fog and shivered
all and becoming salty standing on land… 321 more words

Ayesha Raees

Inspiration behind The Four Elements

I guess I should take some time and explain the background story for some of the books I am writing; specifically, the teasers I posted yesterday. 287 more words

Melinda Anderson