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Elements of Fiction. What? You Always Expect a Snazzy Title? These Things Don't Make Themselves Up.

Since I’m learning so much about writing and marketing and selling written works up here in good ‘ol Whidbey Island, WA, it might be time to do a short little post series on what I’m learning so far. 673 more words


The Villains

My favorite villains and featuring Flash’s new design. Happy Halloween 2014

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art and characters(c)me

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Beauty In Monochrome

I stand on the bank of the East Carson River watching the cold water flow by. The overcast sky and patches of snow on the ground combine with the dark water to present a colorless world of white, black, and assorted shades of gray. 199 more words


The Magician

Recently I wrote about the 4 elements and looked at the Wheel of Fortune and the World card. Here is the blog piece:


I ended it off by saying that I would be looking at another card with the 4 elements in it. 254 more words


Re-Earth Myself

I didn’t want to lose my earth through all my air

I hate when I can’t find my feet


Motives Mavens Element Color Box Palette Review, Looks & Swatches.

So, it’s finally here- my precious Instagram contest prize- the Motives Mavens Element Color Box. It comes with eight HUGE shadows that are so beautiful, it’s like this palette was made for fall! 412 more words


Element of the Week:


Atomic Number: 94

Atomic Mass: 244

Electron configuration: Rn 5f6 7s2

Melting point:  1,183°F (639.4°C)
Plutonium is a man-made metal, first discovered in 1940. 107 more words