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Mysterious Light

On a bitter cold winter day, while the sky was completely overcast and snow was falling, the clouds suddenly became very dark. Almost as if the hour of midnight had arrived. 105 more words


Dress for Success: Freezing Temperatures Edition

Dear Intern,

It’s that time of the year again! You’re no longer riding the train or taking the bus without the fear of accidentally leaving your jacket behind. 524 more words


Element Earth

Roughly a year ago, Awen began smacking me upside the head to do a series of paintings for the elements. (It’s true, sometimes Awen hurts.) I’ve obviously been sitting on this inspiration for a while now, but I think the brew’s been boiling for long enough. 177 more words


Astrology and the Tarot

Combining Astrology With Tarot

Each zodiac sign has two tarot cards with which it is associated, one from the major arcana and one from the minor. 1,206 more words


"Seeking" Artificial Photosynthesis

The excessive atmospheric carbon dioxide that is driving global climate change could be harnessed into a renewable energy technology that would be a win for both the environment and the economy. 698 more words


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So there is a lot of science here. Take your time and break down the terms into simpler forms. It's an article about transforming carbon monoxide into oxygen in a practical sense. Taking photosynthesis, natures' most efficient and effective process, and reversing it. Did anyone else ever learn about this? The idea hadn't ever crossed my head as a possibility. Granted I'm far from a scientist, but the concept is scarily simple. Apparently the science just isn't capable yet. Trillions of layered gold and copper molecules need to be arranged in such a way that a "tree" is created. Once the easy part of artificial tree creation is wrapped up, because we all know trees are simple at the molecular level, a catalyst needs to be found. This catalyst will provoke the trees into absorbing the carbon and releasing the oxygen. Plants use the powerful sun to begin their photosynthesis, an almost endless and ever powerful source of energy. Gold and copper are the best conductors known to man, and a massive electric current could "spark" our man made trees into creating this reaction. To say it simply we can use this groundbreaking research to reverse the green house effect. If implemented in a large enough scale we could save our planet from the unsustainable damage we are doing to it at an exponential rate. Electricity at this point isn't a reliable enough catalyst. Naturally it rarely happens on a grand enough scale, no place on earth has endless lightening storms. The resources it would take to produce such large quantities of electricity [plants use the sun which is light years away, but still gives enough energy to make things grow] would kill every benefit behind this entire idea. The foundation has been set, who's going to pave the way? Nanotechnological trees seems to be the key, with the biproduct of this reverse photosynthetic oxygen creation being the energy they use to "survive"

Bonus Post: Astrology- Back to Basics

We have just crossed the mid-year point in our exploration of the Astrological Solar Year. And, now it’s time to take a look at the Astrological knowledge that underscores each of these Solar transitions. 805 more words