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déjà vu

i am not an elephant
(elephants are wise and
elephants never forget)

but they do appear in my dreams
as i look from the heavens… 86 more words


The Daily D4

Formula E

Formula E is a racing game where three to six players race elephants and their riders through village, over mountains, and across deserts trying to be the first to reach the finish line. 88 more words

Tabletop Games

5 Quick Questions (and Answers) about Chiang Mai

Of all my travels, I’ve never generated as much interest among friends as I did when I went to Chiang Mai. My posts on instagram and Facebook definitely piqued their interests. 419 more words



Poachers Killed More than 100,000 Elephants in 3 Years

The insatiable demand for ivory is causing a dramatic decline in the number of African elephants. Poachers are hunting the animal faster than it can reproduce, with deaths affecting more than half of elephant families in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, a new study finds. 247 more words


What's The Deal With Religion?

I was sitting in church earlier and a thought entered my mind and pimp slapped me so hard that I couldn’t hear anyone or anything. It hit me while I was watching this elderly woman crying out to… 274 more words

Chiang Mai Adventures

Spent a week exploring Chiang Mai. BEAUTIFUL!