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What does it take to get the message across?

action alert!

It’s early, I’m getting ready for work and people don’t want to hear me ranting on unintelligibly So here it folks: (You, my readers are an intelligent lot…I don’t need to spell it out for you.) 221 more words


Encounter with Elephants

Our experience with elephant

Eveybody is always putting elephants as dangerous animals and  thinking they could charge and kill you at anytime for no reasons. In fact if they charge you, it’s because there is always a reason behind. 805 more words


14 Minutes Worth Watching for Elephants

I came across a new short documentary yesterday about the roots of the ivory trade. Similar to what I am working on with The Elephant Project, the film explores the underlying causes of poaching and the challenging problem of addressing greed and false devotion to religious icons (ivory is carved into Christian, Buddhist and Taoist figures). 40 more words


Poll: OK, Which One Is Cuter?

So yesterday, we showed you the Scooting Bebeh Trunkster getting all charged up. Murkle46 commented, “Have a contest! Which is cuter, this one or the baby elephant who was scared by his own sneeze?” 25 more words

MY DESIGN: Elephant Illustration

I have been inspired by artists such as Kelly Smith, where they have hand-illustrated an image then added soft paint. This evolved into something quite different from what I was intending but It’s good to experiment. 10 more words

After the Safari

My day was amazing! I got so upclose and personal with the animals, I loved it.

I was right beside Rhinos, my mom fed a Giraffe and my dad got a selfie with two, haha! 80 more words