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Going Up?

This morning I saw a young guy have difficulty getting on the elevator. His overloaded cart stubbornly refused to make it through the door. I grabbed one end and helped him push it through the doors and onto the elevator. 760 more words

Why Are We Still Climbing Ladders?

After all, only one person can climb a ladder at a time leaving all others behind. Not to mention the fact the struggle to be that one who gets to make the climb often involves all sorts of backstabbing nonsense.   289 more words

Futuristic space elevator could get boost from new diamond thread

For 100 years, futurists have dreamed about a device that could take people and goods into space without the use of expensive rockets or spaceships. 241 more words

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Unsung heroes: The staff who elevate Royals fans to greater heights

KANSAS CITY – Most of the concentration for the Royals has been put on the fans and the players and the excitement revolving around them for the World Series. 244 more words

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Don't Talk To Me In An Elevator

Small talk is not something everyone is going to be good at. That’s fine, just making an effort in most social situations is good enough. However, I have one rule that I try to stick to as often as possible: do not engage in a conversation unless you both have an opportunity to leave at any moment. 265 more words

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Floor Falling in Elevator

Pretty freaky! I am claustrophobic and am not a big fan of elevators.  If this happened to me I think I would have a heart attack!

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Cognitive Recognitions Week 4

When we are given a challenge we simply don’t back down from it.  We were challenged with building the tallests robots that have been in the VEX system since its creation in 2007.   30 more words

Cognitive Recognitions