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Crayons don't need rules

There are many things in life that are simply silly.

Like nonexistent rules.

For the most part, I follow rules. Ever since that one time I had to move my pin during nap time in kindergarten, I decided I don’t really like getting in trouble. 713 more words

These Multidirectional, Cable-Free Elevators Could Be Ready By 2016

he system works by replacing vertical lift cables with linear motors in each elevator cabin. European tech giant ThyssenKrupp says the system will increase transport capacities and efficiency, while dramatically lowering the “elevator footprint” (by as much as 50%) and peak loads from a building’s power supply. 18 more words

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Thought of the Day: Elevators

I live in a residential high-rise. Forty six floors, to be exact, with three elevators.

It kills me, though, when people take a cart from the laundry room – something they are not supposed to do in the first place – and then send it back down the elevator to the basement, unaccompanied, in hopes that someone will remove it and return it to the laundry room for them because they are too fucking lazy to ride down with the cart and do it themselves. 499 more words

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Champ-de-Mars métro station now accessible to wheelchairs

The Champ-de-Mars métro is now fully accessible to wheelchairs.

The station’s three elevators were inaugurated on Tuesday morning, as the STM marked the end of a $12-million renovation project that included a green roof, and an access tunnel to the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal superhospital currently under construction and slated to open in 2016. 102 more words

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elevator grace

I confess when I am alone in an elevator, I push the button to close the doors

as quickly as possible.

Elevators can be awkward. 625 more words


Day 1

DAY ONE OF BEING OPTIMISTIC! You ready for this? I know I am!

1. I have a giant English project that I’ve been working on all semester due in the next two weeks, positives: My dad teaches English for a living. 151 more words

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Cable-free elevator moves you in any direction

Elevators are absolutely vital in tall buildings, but they have their limits — they can only move so quickly, and they can’t usually move sideways to fetch you from the far side of a building. 194 more words