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Did someone say extraction?

So now you’re on OS block and if you are anything like me, I had no idea what I was doing. Things don’t become real until the elevators and forceps are IN your hands..I’m pretty sure I backed out of about 3 extractions until I worked up the guts to have someone walk me through the extraction. 622 more words

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Hotel Hell

I have to travel occasionally for my job. Part of that travel is staying in hotels. Before you read the rest of this post I want you to know that I love staying in hotels. 800 more words

The Phil Factor

I Kid You Not

On a quick trip to Missouri, staying in the boonies past the outskirts of Kansas City,

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in a possibly no-star hotel, adequate except for its lack of… 76 more words


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A building has many types of systems such as openings systems, services systems, structural and non-structural systems, etc. … 815 more words

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Mindful-less communication: elevators and smartphones

Elevators are a fascinating location for observing communication styles. Leadership seminars and books teach us how to deliver the perfected 30 second “elevator speech” in the rare case of finding ourselves riding with a change- or decision-maker. 333 more words

Day 219: August 7

In honor of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer release a couple weeks ago, an excerpt from the end of chapter 5 on page 79. What is it about elevators…?


Dis-assemble, deburr, dimple, and prime (rinse lather repeat)

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I had a half day to work on the plane, so I jumped back into the elevator.  After finishing the initial assembly and match drilling, it was time to take it all apart to prep for final assembly.   483 more words