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It's beginning to look like an elevator again...

Rivet count: 1833 + 71 new = 1904

I left off getting ready to assemble the trim tab.  Well, I’m still there!  Two issues: I wanted to mix just one batch of pro-seal to glue this up and I didn’t have a #33 bit to final drill the close out tabs and I didn’t have a dimple die to dimple for flush pull rivets.   738 more words


Disassemble both elevators...

Rivet count: 1819 + 14 new = 1833

Those two little instructions… disassemble and deburr…. It seems like I’ve been doing nothing but that the last couple of build days.   679 more words


A Time to Write

I recently installed the Meetup app and found a group of individuals that meet in a local space every other Tuesday to write. It’s their dedicated time away from home and the “hmm… you know, the dishes really need to be done… I’ll write later.” They give a prompt that you’re not obligated to use. 1,311 more words

The Written Word

ATLiens 18th Anniversary - August 27th, 1996

The second instalment of the Outkast saga arguably single handedly landed the group their legendary status in 1996. ‘ATLiens’ remains much of many diehard Outkast fans’ favourite album. 166 more words


House Hunting Internationally

You guys have all seen the TV show, you know how it goes. Get a great realtor that speaks English no matter where you are in the world and find the perfect house in the best location at a completely affordable price. 677 more words

Eight Hours to fill the dustpan...

The title pretty much sums it up. A full day spent on contouring the elevators. Sanding micro after sanding primer sucks. It takes a long time to make progress. 216 more words

Long Ez

Elevator Action

Archie knocks out Mr. Weatherbee for the last time.

PLAYERS: 1-2 alternating


DEVELOPER: Taito (port by Sega)

GENRE: Arcade… 580 more words