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Apparently there's such a thing as a "placebo button"

I took an elevator today. Big news, I know, but bear with me. I got in the elevator, and since there wasn’t anybody else around, I hit the “close door” button without thinking really thinking about it, just to get the elevator moving. 638 more words

Stuff I Don't Understand

Beware of riding escalators with your dog!

The San Francisco SPCA has issued a warning for all dog owners:  exercise caution when taking your dog with you on an escalator.

The SPCA’s two hospitals regularly receive emergency visits by dogs injured on escalators.  77 more words

Dog Care

Women's Hockey at Diamond Field

1916 (Looking East towards 100 Street)

Google Streetview

Boycotting Elevators?

This entry will be more thinking aloud than making a declaration of intent, or a promise.   Also, my thoughts about boycotting elevators have nothing to do with any phobia or traumatic experiences related to them. 1,704 more words

Building Season is Here

In the homebuilt airplane world, there are two seasons of the year, flying season and building season. I suppose that stems from the fact that there are more nice flying-weather days in summer than winter. 826 more words