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The Christmas Specials

Well, it’s Christmas time, and one of the traditions of Doctor Who, ever since the end of series 1, is to have a special episode that is aired on Christmas day. 1,128 more words

Doctor Who

The Twelfth Doctor: A Return to Ambiguity

Recently, my friends and I have finally been able to begin watching the latest season of Doctor Who, where Peter Capaldi takes of the role of the Doctor in his newest incarnation. 823 more words


America, Amnesia and The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon (2011)

I want to be in America

A few minutes into The Impossible Astronaut, Amy and Rory (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill)  have arrived in Middle of Nowhere, Utah, dropped off by an iconic yellow school bus. 1,271 more words

The Day of the Doctor: Part 2

I’ve talked about everything else in The Day of the Doctor, let’s talk about the Doctor and his multiple regenerations.

The first time he meets another regeneration is when Eleven jumps into the time fissure and runs into Ten. 1,186 more words

Doctor Who

Counting Blessings, Doctor Who Style

This week, I and most of my fellow Americans celebrated Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated to being thankful and celebrating all the blessings we receive throughout the year. 945 more words

Monthly Fandom

Matt Smith alt boots - for the ladies!

Every now and again, while shopping for non-cosplay reasons, cosplay alternatives pop out at me against my will. Today I have a lovely option for female Matt Smith cosplayers who dress in the Series 6 outfit! 270 more words

Eleventh Doctor

Second nights, roads untaken and The Beast Below (2010)

Way back when talking about The Highlanders, I mentioned the odd appeal of a Doctor’s second story. It’s the place where we get our first true glimpse of what a new Doctor’s going to be like, without all the opening night hoopla of his first story. 1,218 more words