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Wenn ich mir einer Sache absolut sicher bin, dann der, dass Eli Roth ausschließlich Scheißfilme macht. Deshalb habe ich für den Horrorctober natürlich auch einen seiner Filme in der Liste. 1,082 more words

Der Schrott

13 Days of Horror: Day 8 - The 'Torture Porn' Sub-Genre

‘Torture porn’ is the derogatory title given to a sub-genre of horror that came to prominence in the early 2000’s. Combining elements of the graphic splatter genre with the killer violence of slasher films, these films focused heavily on showing it all.  1,052 more words


Oh, the horror: Freddy Krueger freaks out over conjoined twins

Tis the season for horror flicks, and GQ rounded up those that scare Hollywood’s most notable scare-meisters.

Robert Englund, the man who freaked out the 1980’s generation as sweater-clad serial killer Freddy Krueger, is still weirded out by the 1973 Brian De Palma film… 574 more words


The ‘Cabin Fever’ Remake Will Use the Original’s Same Ridiculous Script

When Cabin Fever came out in 2002, reactions were mixed, not despairing – a total anomaly in the (normally) truly terrible genre of horror film. 322 more words

Film Drunk

Are you Ready for the (Kinda) Remake of 'Cabin Fever'?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Not since Gus Van Sant thought it would be good to remake the classic Hitchcock thriller Psycho shot-for-shot has an idea sounded so unappealing to me. 281 more words


2002's 'Cabin Fever' gets a reboot...

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

The original creator of ‘Cabin Fever‘ back in 2002, Eli Roth, is returning to help reboot the franchise as an executive producer. 269 more words

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