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Whoa Baby...

…your mom’s been slacking on the blog! So I must admit, I haven’t been so great about blogging as I set out to be. I guess it started back in May when I was told that I had a bicornuate uterus. 455 more words

Eli, Nebraska

In the northern part of Cherry County lies Eli, NE on US 20.  The town is still shown on the state highway map, but no population is given.   123 more words


The Flower Of Light

Solara: Have you ever thought that maybe you were lost? Eli: Nope. Solara: Well, how do you know that you’re walking in the right direction? 137 more words

Birthday Party for Two

Madge and I attended a Birthday party for two of our grandsons.  The party was at a park in Mount Vernon, MO. which is located behind the Mount Vernon Golf Course on highway 174 North and East of town. 190 more words


10 Things Bizarrely Predicted By Animals

It’s a well known fact that the senses of animals are much sharper and wider in range than our own. Anyone who has ever owned a pet may have observed the amazing abilities of animals to seemingly become aware of things outside our own perception. 1,091 more words


Mommy Diet Day 15-17

I’ve been super busy these past few days and haven’t had time to blog. I’m actually sitting in my car, no I’m not driving, I have a few minutes so I decided to give a quick update. 112 more words

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