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g134 | a little closer but, same "L" result . . .

The M’s haven’t dropped THREE straight since July 25th
(when they lost the last 2 to the Mets and first 2 to the O’s at home)
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Nerium Top Earners | Elias Callejo | Warming Up | Mission1K - YouTube

http://planetderma.com/nerium-top-earners/ #Nerium Mission 1K update from Elias Callejo. In 30 days his team has achieved production to put him at Regional D…

Being Jewish in Germany...Part I

It’s no secret to people in my life that I’m Jewish, but in Germany, my religion/culture isn’t something people could/would assume. As I soon found out, many Germans hadn’t even met a Jewish person before me. 723 more words


Sociologie Magazine: Liefde

Een ode aan het vermogen van de sociologie om die zo chaotische samenleving te doorgronden: de nieuwe Sociologie Magazine is uit. Hartelijke dank aan alle, gepassioneerde, medewerkers van dit nummer. 202 more words


In the name of objectivity

After a little post-World Cup break and time dedicated to other projects, this blogger-turned-author is returning to the comforting and cathartic confines of this humble blog. 1,134 more words


Five Things to Do in Bonn

I’m so lucky to have friends in cities all over Germany. Lately I’ve been reminiscing about my two trips to Bonn to visit my dear friend Marc. 856 more words

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