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Christmas may come!

Am avut un weekend destul de drăguț, comparativ cu perioada mai dificilă pe care am traversat-o de curând.

Asta se datorează în principal faptului că este ultimul week-end fără al meu element. 116 more words

De Suflet

The ABCs of Python: "del," "if," "else," "elif," and teeny cars

Here are four more Python keywords:


This means, as you might expect, “delete.” I became a fan of del after I read a discussion in which coders debated whether it’s an essential word. 532 more words


Omitting long 'if, elif, elif, else' from keyword-arguments

In a class method I have a set of possible options for a single keyword argument, each with a different algorithm to calculate something. To check which option has been added to the keyword I made a chain of if, elif, else too find the keyword option provided. 81 more words

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if, elif, else error, python

I’m trying to simulate the system of two balls falling in one dimension.

But when simulate my program I get the following error:

     elif (bola1.pos.z+0.5) >= (bola2.pos.z-0.5):
     IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level
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