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Approval for Social Security Disability Eligibility If You’re Bipolar

Landing approval for SSDI may seem problematic for bipolar patients considering the scope of the issue. Some studies show that bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive syndrome, affects roughly 5.7 million adult Americans, with the median age pegged at 25. 95 more words


What Constitutes Fair & Equitable in Municipal Bankruptcy?

October 15, 2014

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Is Detroit Contagious? Despite some apprehensions that Detroit’s bankruptcy might be contagious to other municipalities in Michigan, the Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy at the University of Michigan reports that an increasing percentage of municipalities (36%) report they are better able to meet their fiscal needs this year—and that improving fiscal health of municipalities is reported by jurisdictions of all sizes across the state. 2,319 more words


That's not my job...or is it?

Speech therapists have worn many hats over the years in a school setting.   It always amazes me when someone finds out the scope of our practice includes language, syntax, AT, phonological awareness, listening comprehension, oral expression, executive function, social communication AND articulation.   541 more words

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The case for Obama'd impeachment. A 17 verse song. And a Limerick

Fundamental transform of our land;

A banana republic at hand.

What Obama hath wrought:

From our freedoms, long fought

is defeat under his non-command.

Obama has done immense damage to our country. 529 more words


the deportation of Obama


This sounds shocking and sensational, but this is a possibility if the rule of law prevails. AUN-TV has found out from sources familiar with a brewing lawsuit, that a well-known legal figure is seeking the deportation of Obama. 69 more words

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2014 gun deer hunt for hunters with disabilities this year – October 4-12

photo c. WDNR ©2013 191 more words


Denied Medicaid because I have too much money in my bank account.

Q. I have been denied Medicaid because I have too much money in my bank account. What can I do with the excess without spending it? 62 more words

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