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Reformed Commentary on Job: Chapter 33

In Chapter 33, Elihu gives us a picture into why God has ordained suffering. The topic of revelation, and how God uses it, is also addressed. 2,394 more words


Elihu: Everyone knows that God doesn’t sin

Elihu interrupts: Job 32–34

Elihu had been listening to the entire conversation. It was time to remind Job of just who God is:

Job 34:10-25  Listen to me, you who have understanding.

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Reformed Commentary on Job: Chapter 32

In Chapter 32, we have several reasons to believe that Elihu is a man that should be taken seriously.

Chapter 32 (For Previous Chapter Click Here… 1,286 more words


Was Elihu Right? - Martin Shields.

Martin Shields from the University of Sydney, posts an interesting article on Elihu,from the book of Job. In his conclusion he says:

Here, then, is Elihu’s contribution.

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Elihu in the book of Job

For all the Christians who think Elihu is a type of Christ.


You need to open your bible and read along.



At Ch32 a new character appears; Elihu. 1,310 more words

Difficult Verses

A lot of Words

I too will have my say;
I too will tell what I know.
For I am full of words,
and the spirit within me compels me; 414 more words


Confronting God

Above:  A Job Illustration by William Blake

Image Source = William Safire, The First Dissident:  The Book of Job in Today’s Politics (New York, NY:  Random House, 1992) 416 more words