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Eliquid Nicotine Strength Guide

This is really a vague guide to give newbies some idea of which strength e-liquid to to buy.

Please note that we do not really understand about the genuine absorption rates for e-smoking as compared to traditional smoking. 340 more words


Getting Started: DIY 102 - Mixing by weight

In DIY 101 I outlined the general process of mixing DIY eLiquid, but intentionally left out mixing by weight. While this is the most accurate way to mix eLiquid, it is also a bit more complex than mixing by volume. 1,198 more words

Getting Started

The Truth About Eliquid Vapor

Electronic cigarettes use something called eliquid which is a type of vapor and is supposedly less harmful to your lungs than tobacco smoke. The eliqud does contain high amounts of nicotine which makes it just as addictive as regular tobacco smoke. 212 more words


3 New Flavors From EMS Vapes



Quite some time ago now, I had the pleasure of reviewing two flavors from an up and coming local eliquid vendor, EMS Vapes. The two flavors under review at that time were Banana Taffy and Spearmint Berry Breeze. 2,223 more words


New Study Places An additional Nail in the Casket of the Entrance Theory

The “entrance” hypothesis with e-cigs, which specifies that vaping will certainly lead to raised smoking among non-smokers as well as specifically youths, has been contradicted by every piece of evidence on the topic to date. 989 more words

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Coming Soon, from E.M.S. Vapes! (PLUS: Special Offer!)


Happy Friday, everybody! This morning, it’s my pleasure to tease you a little bit with an upcoming review. Having reviewed “Banana Taffy” and “Spearmint Berry Breeze” 131 more words


7 Diffrent facts of Non-Tobacco Ecig Flavours

Phew! The other day I was employed from a day off to do a meeting with Radio Wales with a hr’s notification. The topic? The THAT’s latest declarations on ecigarettes (that’s a lot to digest in an hour!). 1,639 more words

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