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The Doings and Happenings of Yesterday 9/13/14

Uncanny Leaps Forward
“The Chinese symbol of good luck and abundance, Grasshopper gives its totem people the ability to take chances. To move on hunches and take the leap forward. 670 more words


The Perfect Light

…that I cannot see during tearful moments when I feel not enough.


Enthusiasm and Life On Life's Terms

“Think on This…
. . . to meet the disturbing factors with as much joyousness as if they were bringing pleasure in the material sight, will alter . 435 more words


Antibody pairs - the rebirth of a classic

Antibody pairs have been used for years to detect biomarkers in biological samples. They are a convenient and price-wise alternative to ready-to-use ELISAs, especially when they are used on a routine basis (for sporadic use, ELISA kits may be a better choice). 727 more words


New project!

As I mentioned before, I recently got involved with the Edinburgh Library And Information Services Agency (ELISA). They happen to have lost their ‘online person’ so I offered my services. 176 more words


An Introduction to Erik, Jamie & Elisa (Part One)

I am a thriving and vibrant procrastinator. My talent and competition, in this field, is on par with the likes of salmonella poisoning, ravaging your grocery bag (no ice) during a 4 hour commute to the cottage. 700 more words


Adipokine monitoring during Hunger and Satiety balance

Cytokines and growth factors that are produced by or have an effect on adipocytes and related peptide neuro-transmitters are central players in hunger vs. satiety balance and in eating behavior (1). 582 more words

Supplying Discovery Tools