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1 The Magician

Own:  Seeking energy of Alpha considering mastery over all that is below.  Sometimes this denotes curiosity over what the suits represent and a wish, desire, or curiosity about controlling them or something else.  245 more words


0 The Fool (reversed)

Own feelings:  None.  Ok that’s not true.  The words in my head say a lot.  “I don’t have any feelings as I do not use this card in this way.”  There are many reversed cards that for me show a differing effect of simply what the upright card suggests.  267 more words


0 The Fool

Own Feelings:  Yellow energy.  Self Absorbed. Radiant.  A confidence not necessarily built upon more than a grandiose feeling.  Beginning and end of cycle.  Touch-point on spiral.  330 more words


Day 2. Two kind madams

I got up very early as usual. The day was sunny and I started to check the condition of my bicycle, after taking a coffee. The gear needed a complete tuning up, but when I tried in the past I was never able to succeed. 470 more words

Cook A Bike

Five Golden Years

Many moons ago,
two asteroids collided,
from two different galaxies,
and they found gravity together,
there were storms and wars,
and outbreaks of calm,
but after all these months, 381 more words


Über mich

Hallo da draussen.

Dies ist nun mein erster Blogeintrag. Die Idee von einem Blog schwirrt mir schon länger im Kopf herum. Einfach mal aufschreiben was einem zur Zeit beschäftigt und den Gedanken freien Lauf lassen. 114 more words

The utility of circulating LHCGR as a predictor of Down's syndrome in early pregnancy

Citation: Anne E Chambers, Walter E Mills, Imma Mercadé, Francesca Crovetto, Fatima Crispi, Laia Rodriguez-Revenga Bodi, Michael Pugia, Aurea Mira, Luis Lasalvia, Subhasis Banerjee, Elena Casals and Eduard Gratacos.  221 more words