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James Chapman's Top Ten Classic Doctor Who Stories: Planet of the Spiders

James Chapman’s Top Ten Classic Doctor Who Stories
4. ‘Planet of the Spiders’

BBC1. 6 episodes: 4 May-8 June 1974.

Starring Jon Pertwee as ‘Dr Who’ and Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah-Jane Smith. 1,690 more words

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Doctor Who DVD Review: Planet of Evil (Welcome to the Jungle!)

The thirteenth season of Doctor Who is also arguably its best of all time. Certainly, it’s got a lot going for it. In this season, you get arguably one of the best (and certainly the most iconic) actors to take the role of the Doctor in Tom Baker, and perhaps the best companion with Elisabeth Sladen’s portrayal of Sarah Jane Smith … and it’s in this particular season where the wonderful chemistry between the two really begins to shine. 1,760 more words

A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about. Doctor Who - The Five Doctors

For me, The Five Doctors defies critical analysis as to watch it is to be twelve again, when it seemed like the best programme ever.  Time may have slightly tempered that enthusiasm, but I still find it’s impossible to rewatch it without a silly grin appearing on my face from time to time. 1,160 more words