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367: red-handed

I thought you were going to be home in an hour!

Sometimes I try to eat sweets when Elise isn’t home so she doesn’t glare at me. 14 more words


SEMPENA pembukaan Pusat Pameran Lotus di Sungai Penchala, Damansara tahun lalu, Lotus Malaysia memperkenalkan dua model iaitu Elise S dan Exige S .

Kini, Lotus menambah lagi ahli keluarga baharu Exige menerusi pelancaran Exige S Roadster. 350 more words


366: not your groupon

I dunno why she was so convinced it was mine! I didn’t order anything. Although I do like Groupon a lot!

365: blades backpack

I guess that’s not that comforting a thing to say? But I cleaned it up, no worries!

If you’re wondering why I have a box of ten different exacto knife blades, it was a requirement for my art class.

Meet Elise!

This week we had been thrilled to see Elise, the newest collection from one of our most loved furnishings makers, Young America. We have used this brand for all varieties of clientele from celebrities to our very personal Gerri’s nursery, and their quality never ever disappoints. 9 more words

Daily Ideas

Detroit Electric SP:01

El año pasado se anuncio la resucitacion de la empresa Detroit Electric con el debut como concepto del SP:01. Ahora, con un año de atraso, la compañia afirma que desde Holanda saldra el que ellos llaman en auto electrico de produccion mas rapido del mundo. 134 more words

Dear Theodore (11 months)

To my lovely little boy,

You are so much like a little boy now, you’re losing your baby quirks, and looks, and you’re exercising your independence and abilities more and more, every day. 855 more words