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Body Dissatisfaction, Recovery Part 1.

(Warning: Possible ED trigger. Working through emotions I have after my recovery with bulimia several years ago.)

Where have your ribs gone? Too big
for your body, too large but… 177 more words

Elise and Dunja = BFFs

While going for a walk on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature, snapping a few photos of the beautiful fall colors with the Leg in the background, I stumbled across Elise and Dunja who were relaxing on the grass. 16 more words

Natural Light

Green Text Anon

>be naive and lonely

>invite Poppin Fresh over

>offer bed for sleeping or otherwise

>receive text from Fresh

>”Come here instead”

>leave party

>call Fresh… 89 more words


Video: E30 at Buttonwillow - How to chase down a higher horsepower car.

Last time out at the track, we shook down the E30 and managed to break some stuff.  But more importantly, we hung out with some all-around great people and skilled drivers. 273 more words


Hornets Nest: Part One

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve got an angry, angry snatch.

>>     Thrust. Ow.  Thrust Ow.  Thrust Ow.

Okay.  Get the fuck off of me, this hurts.     182 more words


Race day...awesome!

Race day has been and gone, and I have to say it was just amazing! Here’s my account of the best day I’ve had for many years racing at Pembrey in the Welsh Sports & Saloon Car Championship… 751 more words