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Sorry, totally forgot about this photo of Emma, Me and Elise in Bristol last Wednesday! All LPCers- excited is not the word <3


Another day, another dollar

Halla. Denne uka fikk jeg meg jobb, som betyr mindre sosialitet+blogging+sløving. Det har vært slitsomt og forvirrende, men det er jo givende og jeg sover bedre. 183 more words


Tegz, Elise and Emma versus Bristol!

Today was a great day. I met up with Elise, who you all know is my co-year from GB, and also met Emma from Norway- another co-year! 883 more words


Up Sharp Top!

Last Sunday, our family and some friends, Jenny and Elizabeth Post, their friend from Scotland – Kathleen, and Derek and Morgan Rutrough went out to the Peaks of Otter to hike Sharp Top. 195 more words


Something Else I've Been Working On...

So as you guys might know by now, I’m a freelance writer. I write a lot, I write for other people, but I also do a lot of writing just because it’s a good learning experience and something I enjoy. 282 more words