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These Maps Destroy Any Objections to Keystone XL Pipeline


To hear Obama warn against Keystone, you’d think this 1,000 miles of new pipe would be the deal-breaker in his campaign promise to slow the rise of the ocean’s tides…

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Michelle Obama: 'splurging is the key to life'

Especially on someone else’s dime…

Michelle Obama said “splurging is the key to life” if you regularly eat right and stay active. Her biggest guilty pleasure: French fries.

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Literary and Academic Arrogance: Why Elitism is Wrong

When I was 16, just like pretty much everyone else, I was forced to read literature. I hated it. To me, those literary writes who were so revered by my teachers were nothing but a sham, people who tried to write complicated sentences for no other purpose than their own ego. 724 more words


Why ‘exposing’ food banks is not okay

I know how being a journalist works. You have to dig around and find stories, otherwise you’re simply no good. There’s a lot of pressure for you to find something worthwhile, something people will actually care about enough to click on a link. 1,109 more words


Were you there?

A well-known African American spiritual asks, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”  By a series of questions focusing on aspects of the crucifixion, it highlights the horrible suffering that Christ endured, for those who witnessed it and for those who reflect on it even long after the fact. 975 more words


Stupid Things Smart People Do

Once again, here is a smattering of what the internet says.  I observed some of this behavior at the IT companies I worked for.  Many of them were brilliant on the IQ scale, but couldn’t find their way out of the social (real not web) wet paper bag. 1,890 more words


The main theses of Stoterdijk's You Must Change Your Life

This is the fourth set of reflections on Peter Sloterdijk’s You Must Change Your Life: On Anthropotechnics (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2013). The first set of reflections can be read  461 more words

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