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Eliza: On Clearing the Air @ Blue Dragon Journal

ART : Blue Cowherd and Calf Painting ‘Faith 1′ ~ by Neelam Gupta (UNICEF)


Eliza: On Clearing the Air

Eliza here… still here.

As I recently shared in one of my journal entries, I’ve been doing a ton of clearing. 2,014 more words

Elizabeth Ayres Escher

You vs. Your BFFL. Dealing with peer competition: how to maintain friendships when competing for jobs or grades.

Ever since we were little, we’ve been taught that we’re all in competition with each other. In primary school we were given awards for the best macaroni necklace and in high school biology we learned about survival of the fittest. 786 more words


Guys, Shout it Out!

Alright guys, I just realized I have well over 50 followers now, which is amazing seeing as I just started this blog, but I barely ever hear from you guys! 83 more words

Eliza: Ascension Angst @ Blue Dragon Journal

ART : Yelizaveta @ Tumblr

Eliza: Ascension Angst

Posted on November 22, 2014 by Eliza Ayres

Eliza: Ascension Angst

Eliza here.

Being a curious, well-grounded sort, despite my apparent recent flights of fancy… I have to ask myself, “Have I REALLY ascended or it is just something that someone told me was going to happen?” 1,269 more words

Elizabeth Ayres Escher

Passing the Turing Test

I don’t know when I first learned of ELIZA the primitive chatterbot written by Joseph Weizenbaum back in the 60s. I’ve known about her specifically in her manifestation as DOCTOR, the psychoanalyst computer, for as long as I can remember. 607 more words

Sciency Stuff

It's on My List

I’ll get out there one day. I’ll get out there into the world, eat exotic food, sing foreign songs and photograph everything beautiful about this world. 51 more words

Surprising Company

It turns out we aren’t doing the big school play alone. Another school, Meryton High, is coming down soon to start practicing. They’re going to come down for one weekend a month to rehearse with us. 296 more words