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the elk breaks up with me

Stop what you’re doing. Stop it right now. Okay. Now go read Patricia Lockwood’s hilarious essay, “Is It Work?” In addition to being an extremely talented poet, Lockwood is insanely hilarious (and also really good at twitter). 263 more words


National Poetry Month, Day 15: Elizabeth Bishop

Today, I’ll post this Elizabeth Bishop poem, “At the Fishhouses,” read by Robert Pinsky. It’s longer than some I have posted, but beautifully narrative, specific, and visual–like all Elizabeth Bishop poems.



My Favorite Poem, Illustrated

I have written about literature and poetry a million times on Thought Catalog. …But today, we’re doing my favorite poem, ever. And not just my… 869 more words

Dear Elizabeth -- People's Light & Theatre Company

The brilliance of Sarah Ruhl’s play, “Dear Elizabeth,” is it is written so engrossingly and beautifully, it involves you undividedly in the relationship, creativity, affections, talents, upheavals, and health, mental and physical, of two people who would be fascinating  and engaging if they were fictional or unknown, let alone the Pantheon poets of the mid-20th century, Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, whose celebrity is a bonus. 2,308 more words

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Emma Enters a Sentence (and loses her photographs)

…not knowing where
      or how she had arrived at her decision to lie down in a line of verse and be buried there, that is to say, be born again as a simple set of words, “the bubble in the spirit-level.” So, said she to her remaining self, which words were they to be?

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Embedded Photographs

Mouthy Poets Workshop – Ms PoPOW’s weekly blog entry

Things a title can do

A title is, in essence, a first impression. Like a lack of eye contact or a floppy handshake, if the title of a book doesn’t instantly grab your attention, you’re probably not going to want to find out more – unless of course there’s something about a verbal floppy handshake that appeals to your individual reading taste. 575 more words