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Painting With Words: #Poet #ElizabethBishop

Studying poetry in school made me feel dumb, as if the poet was specifically trying to hide the real meaning of whatever it is he or she wanted to communicate in a bunch of undecipherable formats and words. 483 more words


One Art, Elizabeth Bishop - an Analysis

One skill, one ability in life?

Gut Reaction
A refreshingly atypical way to sum up that feeling that mistakes are to be made but that life will go on regardless. 1,622 more words

One Art, Elizabeth Bishop

The art of losing isn’t hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster. 137 more words

Elizabeth Bishop- " Filling Station"

In an attempt to highlight the descriptive writing used by Bishop in her poetry, and in particular in “Filling Station”, my class participated in a story boarding activity in class today. 80 more words



I really don’t know how I lived back in those days on the little money I had to spend. Not ever being someone with lots of disposable cash during the years I was learning to write poems, I tended to drink a lot of pitcher beer at pubs that were just basically fenced in car lots (Texas) and later, at the dreaded West End Bar on Broadway at 113th Street (New York).   1,890 more words

Columbia University

Book Acquired Recently: Motion: American Sports Poems

Blaustein, Noah, ed. Motion: American Sports Poems. Iowa City: U of Iowa P, 2001.

One of my colleagues is teaching a course on sports and literature this semester, and was telling me about this anthology, which is one of the course texts. 53 more words


The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop


“…it worries me not writing, and yet it seems right and sensible to wait. But will inspiration come when I call it? No peace in this world for the poet!

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Elizabeth Bishop